Visual Argument Prompt

Visual Argument Poster Prompt

Sample OneBook Essays

You may want to read these sample essays to get a feel for how the two different texts are used to prove the author’s overall claim:

Here is the essay that uses Christina Aguilera’s song “Beautiful” and J4J:

Sample OneBook 1

Here is the essay that uses the video “Telephone Remake” and J4J:

Sample OneBook 2

“Friendship, Fiction, and Memoir”

Mills “Friendship, Fiction, and Memoir: Trust and Betrayal in Writing from One’s Own Life”

Hello all,

Here is the reading for Wednesday November 3.  Please remember that the last summary response over an in-class text is due over this article also.

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.

Synthesis Essay Grade Descriptions

The following descriptions can help you understand the difference between a very good synthesis essay and an average one. If you have more specific questions about my expectations, talk to me.  Please remember: writing is not graded the same as math or science–there is no “correct” answer, just varying degrees of effectiveness.

C: The grade of C literally means “average,” so a C paper is what your average UTA student would produce if he/she gave maximum effort. To earn a C, your synthesis essay should, first and foremost, indicate the larger conversation you’re responding to—incorporate what “they say”—by responding to one or more of your sources at the beginning of your paper. You should provide a clear statement of your central claim and supporting reasons, provide sufficient evidence to support your reasons, offer an extended response to a counterargument, use all sources effectively, and cite your sources correctly according to MLA format. Your paper should meet every requirement listed on the assignment sheet and have a discernible structure. The ideas you present should demonstrate that you understand the rhetorical concepts that we have addressed in class. Moreover, show that you have responded actively and thoughtfully to my feedback on your first submission. Grammatical and syntactical mistakes should not impede my understanding of your argument.

B: The grade of B literally means “above average,” so a B paper is what a slightly-above average UTA student might earn if he/she gave maximum effort. An average writer can also earn a B with extraordinary effort. To earn a B, first build on the skills needed to earn a C. A B paper demonstrates nearly flawless execution of all aspects of the assignment. You might address your issue in a more original, complicated, or challenging way, and you should provide ample evidence to support your warrants and reasons. You might employ a variety of rhetorical techniques that go beyond the specific requirements of the assignment and respond more directly to the concerns and values of your particular audience. Finally, show that you understand the importance of word choice, voice, and style, in addition to grammatical competency.

A: The grade of A literally means “excellent,” so an A paper is what at an excellent UTA student (a student in the 80th percentile or above) might produce if he/she gave maximum effort. An average or above-average student may also earn an A with extraordinary effort and sustained hard work. To earn an A, you should continue to build on the foundations discussed above. An A paper demonstrates flawless execution of all aspects of the assignment. Your argument should be surprising, possibly addressing your issue from a perspective that I’ve not considered, perhaps even changing the way I look at the issue altogether. You should provide overwhelming evidence to support your reasons and investigate the full range of positions on your issue. As always, you should demonstrate your command of style, voice, mechanics, and usage.

If you misunderstand the assignment; show little understanding of the required rhetorical concepts; or ignore the technical requirements of topic, length, or format, your paper may receive a D or an F. If you need help identifying problems in your writing, consider visiting the Writing Center.

OneBook Essay Prompt

OneBook Prompt

Alright! Our last (and most important) writing assignment is upon us! WOW me with you radical writing skills!  Happy Writing!

Super Scribe!!!!!

Synthesis Essay Grading Criteria

Hey everyone,

Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what I will specifically be looking for on your final drafts (which are due Monday).  Try reading your own essay and seeing how well it matches up to this criteria!

Evaluation Criteria for Synthesis Essay

Final Draft:

  • Exigence: Identifies an issue and explains its significance to the reader, participates in the preexisting conversation about the issue, and demonstrates the “So What” of the argument.
  • Thesis: Includes an easily spotted thesis statement that is arguable, specific, and significant and that has a clear “They Say” and “I Say.”
  • Support: Reasons support argument effectively. Provides evidence from at least three essays and synthesizes information by providing evidence from multiple sources to support reasons.
  • Rebuttal (Naysayer): Carefully and respectfully considers counterarguments, concedes where others are right, and demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the issue.
  • Citation: Integrates quotations properly and explain their significance (quotation sandwich). Paraphrases properly by communicating the authors’ ideas without using their vocabulary or sentence structures. Cites sources correctly using MLA style. Includes a Works Cited page.
  • Structure: Essay is coherent, well-organized, and derives from the thesis.
  • Clarity: Style and voice are lively and engaging. Essay contains very few errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Writing Process:

    • Complete drafts brought to Peer Review and submitted to me for comments. Drafting process shows evidence of revision of content and style.
    • Provided adequate help to peers during peer review.

Please note that if you choose to visit the Writing Center, you can receive up to 5 points extra credit for displaying evidence that you incorporated their ideas into your revision process.  IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THESE POINTS YOU MUST TURN IN THE DRAFT THAT WAS USED IN YOUR SESSION AS WELL AS THE DIAGNOSTIC MEMO THAT THEY PROVIDE.

In addition, as noted on your syllabus, 10 percentage points will be deducted from your final essay grade for missing one peer review.  Missing both will result in a 20 percent deduction.

Please note, I WILL NOT accept your essay unless your folder contains your final draft, and all invention work and revisions.

Hope this info helps!

Sample Synthesis Essay

Sample Synthesis Essay

Here is a sample Synthesis Essay.  The author chose to work with the “War and Peace” topic cluster.  Please note the exigence, thesis statement, reasons, and evidence that the author provides.

Young Girl Writing by Pierre Bonnard

OneBook and Synthesis Essay Topic Clusters

First Year English OneBook Topic Clusters

Here is the link to the different topic clusters that you will need for upcoming assigned readings, the Synthesis Essay, and the OneBook Essay.  When you click on the link you will be prompted to enter your MavID and password.

Follow the link Assignment Sequence to the J4J Annotated Readings. Here you will find all of the topic clusters and the corresponding annotated bibliographies for all of the readings.  The George Bush speech can only be accessed through this page. In addition, you will note that some of the readings are cross-listed.

Follow the link 2010 OneBook Reading to access the pdfs for the topic cluster readings.

Synthesis Essay Prompt

Synthesis Essay Prompt

Your Synthesis Essay will need to be turned in with all process materials in a folder.

If you have any questions about the assignment, please bring them up in class!  I guarantee you won’t be the only one needing some answers.

DCM Rubric


I thought you guys would like to see the grading rubric that I will be using to grade your Discourse Community Memoirs.  Use it to evaluate your own essays over the weekend, and, hopefully, you will be alerted to some areas that may need improving.

Enjoy your weekend!

Girl Reading by Pablo Picasso