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Activist Media and Biopolitics

February 21st, 2012 · 4 Comments · activism

The editors of this book are looking for people to review it. Might you be interested?
If so, I’ll send you the editor’s contact info and you can propose a venue for your review.


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  • Kate E. Morgan

    Just caught this tonight.

    I’d be happy to review it if there’s still a call out for reviewers. Besides posting it on my course blog and/or my personal blog I could hunt down a decent user-submitted content site, and post a short form review to Good Reads.

  • Carolyn Guertin

    Do you think that you might suggest a journal where you could review it?

  • Kate E. Morgan

    I’m still researching more options, but two venues that stand out to me at present are New Media and Society (I could contact Book Review editor David Park after I got the go ahead from you two) and a non-journal but still highly academic venue: The Sociological Images blog.

    They’ll take an occasional book-based post from an academic structured a lot like this one:

    500 words tends to be the maximum amount of words allowed for a post there, but a submission could focus on the essential heart of one chapter and its findings as long as there were some good visuals to accompany it. Themes related to sexuality, gender, race and the occupy movement go over well there.

  • Carolyn Guertin

    Can you send me your email please Kate (backchannel)? I’m carolyn dot guertin at gmail dot com.


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