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June Meeting Recap

  1. SHINE Awards Review
    1. Nomination paragraphs will be sent to winners
    2. Proposed Changes
    3. Thank you to Bianca & Moonsun
    4. This year’s winners = next year’s committee
      1. i.      If not available = positions filled w/ volunteers
      2. ii.      If no volunteers = vote to fill positions
  2. Issues Brainstorming
  3. Reminders
    1. Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 6th 9:30am
      1. i.      2013-2014 Chair & Co-chair Voting

      SIC plans to host a healthy potluck on Friday, June 28th at 1pm in PKH 549. We’ll open with 15 minutes of Zumba (optional). Be on the lookout for an evite soon!