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2013-2014 Chair & Co-Chair

Congratulations to SIC’s newest Chair & Co-Chair: Bianca Glaze & LaKayla Cooper!

August Meeting Recap

Staff Issues Committee Meeting – August 6th
1. Chair & Co-Chair Voting

Nominations through Wed (8/7) Voting Through Fri (8/9)

Submit via email to or in her mailbox

2. Ice Cream Social: Wednesday, August 7th 12:30-1:30pm PKH 549

3. Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 1st 9:30am
Emails:       Chair Sarah Herndon at
Co-chair Bianca Glaze at

June Meeting Recap

  1. SHINE Awards Review
    1. Nomination paragraphs will be sent to winners
    2. Proposed Changes
    3. Thank you to Bianca & Moonsun
    4. This year’s winners = next year’s committee
      1. i.      If not available = positions filled w/ volunteers
      2. ii.      If no volunteers = vote to fill positions
  2. Issues Brainstorming
  3. Reminders
    1. Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 6th 9:30am
      1. i.      2013-2014 Chair & Co-chair Voting

      SIC plans to host a healthy potluck on Friday, June 28th at 1pm in PKH 549. We’ll open with 15 minutes of Zumba (optional). Be on the lookout for an evite soon!

April Meeting Recap

During the April meeting we:

1. Review SIC’s Purpose & Function

2. Discussed the Staff Survey Status

3. Defined Awards timing, criteria, & voting method. A follow up email will be sent on this matter.

4. Next meeting: Tuesday, June 4th 9:30am

April Meeting Reminder!

Next week’s Staff Issues Committee Meeting is on Tuesday, April 2nd from 9:30-10:30am in PKH 549.

Please email Sarah ( with any agenda items by Friday, March 29th at 5pm.

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the UTA Zumbathon:

It’s also happening next Tuesday, from 6-8pm at the Maverick Activities Center.

New Co-chair

The votes are in!  Bianca Glaze has accepted the position of S.I.C. Co-Chair.  Congratulations Bianca!

February Meeting Recap

Leah will be stepping down as Chair & Sarah will take over as Chair. Voting for a new Co-chair will occur through Friday, 2/8. Vote by writing your candidate’s name on a piece of paper & placing it in Leah’s mailbox. Once the winner has accepted the position,  the announcement will be made!

Examples of the STAR Award & Customer Commitment Award were distributed.

At the next meeting, decorating assignments for Halloween & Christmas will be made. The duties will be assigned to BSN & MSN/DNP, but all staff members are encouraged to participate in both.

Bring a bag & treats to distribute on Valentine’s Day (Thursday, 2/14)!

A sample draft of the Staff Survey was distributed. Please email any suggestions to The Dean would like the survey questions to be reviewed and for clear goals to be outlined prior to the survey’s occurrence.

Mark your calendars for the Staff Potluck on Wednesday, March 20th! A GoogleDoc sign-up for food & drinks will be emailed.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 2nd 9:30-10:30 in PKH 549.

Birthday List


05-A. Despres

10-B. Glaze

16-P. Smith

18-C. Allen

25-C. Calhoun-Butts

28-D. Belzile


02-M. Chong

23-R. Olivier


07-L. Thompson

15-C. Garcia

26-L. Curtis

31-F. Chamberlain


02-S. Herndon

23-C. Schwartz

30-D. Anderson


03-S. Despres

05-S. Rawlings


09-K. Hodges

10-S. Smith

12-L. Scroggs

21-O. Wilson

30-L. Cure


11-A. Bonner

21-L. Cooper

24-S. Decker


10-A. Hobbs

11-L. McCauley

15-P. Jenkins

20-K. Mullowney

26-E. Cotton

29-R. Lawrence (Marks)


12-L. Kinnan

20-R. Hendricks


06-L. Dermody

09-G. Aguilar

09-K. McWhorter

10-S. Kyle

14-J. Steele


03-V. Lail-Davis

28-H. Niemann


07-J. Arbeau

11-S. Golightly

11-E. Webb

15-B. Parchem

18-S. Darr

20-C. Gist

22-Y. Coffee

22-S. March

31-H. Woods

December Meeting Recap

We discussed the possibility of a Staff Potluck, but decided that it was too late to get one together.

Instead of hosting a Secret Santa, we will have a Secret Pal exchange that happens throughout the Spring semester.

To split up the decor duties, we have decided to assign a holiday to each department.

A staff survey, similar to the faculty survey, will go out soon in order to get feedback. Be on the lookout for this & please participate so that your concerns will be voiced.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 5th from 9:30-10:30am for the next SIC meeting!

Outlook: Quick Parts

Uses: Do you get repetitive questions from customers and end up repeating the same information daily?  Quick Parts makes it easy to reply to those similar emails.

Step 1: When composing a new message, select the text you want to save, go to Insert tab and find the Quick Parts button.

Step 2: When you click the Quick Parts button, a drop-down menu will appear with “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery” option.

Step 3: A new window will appear and this is where you can name, describe and categorize content. After clicking the “Ok” button, it will be saved to the Quick Parts gallery.  *I recommend naming/describing your saved Quick Parts for quick reference.

Composing a new message with Quick Parts:  When composing a new message, go to the Insert tab and click the Quick Parts button.  *If you cannot click the Quick Parts button, make sure you have your cursor in the body of the email.

A drop-down menu with your previously saved text will appear. You can click the saved text of your choice and it will be inserted into the email.

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