Wednesday exam

Will be in WH 404 at 2PM. Confirmed.

My Baaaad!!! Section 001 MUST READ updated

After reminding evyone umpteen times that the final was Monday at 2, I put it on my calendar for Wednesday. Worse than that, I put Wednesday on the review sheet as well. The result is that, we all have the wrong time for the final, but, at this point, we get to live with it.

i realize some of you have another final at 2PM on Wednesday. if that’s the case, please try to come to my 11AM section tomorrow in 102 Pickard Hall (that’s Tuesday, 11AM), and we’ll accommodate you there.

The rest of you need to stand by for 2PM on Wednesday while I find us a room, as I expect that 404 WH will be in use at that time, but I haven’t been able to check yet.

I will post that announcement HERE sometime tomorrow.


Final Lab Assignment (8) Released

Lab 8 is now available on WebCT, including a sample database. Please note: the sample database is just that: a sample/starter. It does not contain everything you need to complete the assignment, but is intended only to get you started on the way. You will still need to create additional forms and/or reports to meet your requirements, and you may have to create and/or modify tables and queries that already exist.

Remember to use only this blog entry for questions about this assignment – that way everyone benefits.

For Those Who Are Late With Their Paper

We will accept late papers until April 16 at 7:59 PM. Because these papers are late, there will be the usual late penalty unless there are extenuating circumstances. If you think you have extenuating circumstances, you must see me during office hours.

Once Again…A Reminder

Every one in a while, someone will leave a note on WebCT. As noted now a number of times, WebCT may not be used for communication in this class. Use either the blog or regular email, as appropriate. Notes left on WebCT are automatically deleted.

Gradepoint Calculations for Upper Division

Here are the rules for the 3 different GPAs used to determine your eligibility to enter the upper (professional) division in this department:

CSE Major: GPA for all CSE courses required for each major (CS, SE or CpE). NOTE: CSE1310, 1311, and 1301 do NOT count. If you switch from, say, CS to CpE, CSE 3315 count, which is required by CS but not by CpE.

Math/Science GPA: All CSE, Math, Science and Engineering courses required on the degree plan. Again, nothing pre-Calculus will count, nor will, MATH 3319 if you switch from CpE to CS, as that course will no longer be part of the degree plan. In the same vein, no non-required science courses count, such as astronomy or nonmajor biology, etc. The good news is if you bomb out on CHEM 1441 and switch to CS or SE and take a different science elective (say BIOL 1441), we no longer need to include the CHEM as part of the GPA calculation.

Overall GPA: This is the one that mymav reports – everything you take here. No transfer courses contribute toward this calculation.

Reminder: Grades

This is just a reminder that each student is responsible for verifying that the grades posted on WebCT are the same as the grades on the returned papers. Please verify all grades no later than the last day of Dead Week. After final grades are calculated and posted is not the time to bring a mistake to my attention, as I will most likely be unavailable between terms.

You should receive a grade for each lab no later than 7 days after the lab was due. You should also receive a printed rubric sheet for each lab that details your performance. Rubrics are generally (though not always) attached to the labs in WebCT.

Reminder: Lab Attendance Is Now Required

As stated in class, lab attendance is now required of all students for all remaining labs. You must attend you assigned lab every week and remain there until (1) you complete the lab assignment, meaning that you have pressed the submit button; or (2) your assigned lab section ends.

These labs are to be used to work on the lab in an environment where you have assistance readily available, so please use them accordingly. It is unlikely that you will be able to complete any lab from here on out before your lab section begins.

Lab instructors have been instructed to take attendance for each section each week and report it to me. “Attendance” means you are there at the start of the lab, not that you walked in halfway through.

Assignment 6 – Analysis and Design I Has Been Posted to WebCT

The assignment is now up. Please use this entry (and only this entry) for questions relating to this assignment. Please do not email questions – by using the blog, everyone gets the benefit of the answers.

MidTerm Scores Posted to WebCT

You should now be able to see your midterm grade and midterm exam scores on WebCT. If do cannot see your grade/score, please send me an email.

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