On October 10, 2012 UT Arlington EMBA students embarked on the China Immersion Trip. Not only is this trip the highlight of the 15-month EMBA, it’s also the only EMBA trip in the country in which students earn a Certificate in Asian Business Studies.  This blog documents the experience via images and accounts from the EMBA students.

Far from being a mere tourist excursion, the UT Arlington China Immersion trip is a unique opportunity to experience global business first-hand while building the type of network that builds careers. Students amass an array of business insights from deciphering global business decorum to finding emerging market trends and navigating international commerce. In addition to meeting and networking with key executives, our Dallas and Fort Worth-based students have the opportunity to network with and learn from students and alumni of the UT Arlington China EMBA.

While every class experiences China differently, the unanimous verdict is that this trip is a real game-changer.