Steam service outage next week

The Thermal Energy Plant’s annual inspection and repair of the campus steam service is set for next week. A steam service outage is planned from midnight Monday, May 12, to 10 p.m. Wednesday, May 14.

During this outage all buildings served by the Thermal Energy Plant will be without hot water and steam. Electrical power, air conditioning, domestic water/sewer, and chilled water will remain in service.

For questions or concerns, contact Nick Schroeder at or 2-9075.

Library Renovations

Library first-floor construction planned for May 10-12

The Central Library’s first floor will be closed Saturday-Monday, May 10-12, for construction and reopen Tuesday, May 13. A covered corridor from the entrance doors to the elevator will allow visitors to pass through the construction zone safely and get to other floors.

The first floor will close for the summer for various improvements, including fire sprinklers, and new flooring and ceiling tiles in the lobby and circulation/reference areas. New turnstiles and glass walls to funnel visitors to the turnstiles will be installed. The old Help Desk space will become a makerspace.

Roof equipment installation on Geoscience Building DATE CHANGE

Five Star Helicopter Inc. will be on Campus the morning of Sunday March 9th to lift some mechanical rooftop equipment to the roof of the Geoscience Building.  The equipment will be staged for lifting from parking lot F12, north of the University Center.  The entire process is expected to take less than an hour.  Adjacent pedestrian pathways and roads will be closed and cleared during this time and the Geoscience Building, Engineering Lab and ERB/ELB Bridge will be closed to all occupants and locked starting Saturday night.

Please refrain from entering the building and the area.

Building, walkway closures set for Sunday morning DATE CHANGE

Upcoming maintenance work will require two buildings, nearby walkways, streets, and a parking lot to be closed 7-11 a.m. Sunday, March 9. The closures will include:

  • the Engineering Lab Building
  • the Geoscience Building
  • Lot F12 at the southeast corner of UTA Boulevard and College Street
  • College Street from UTA Boulevard to West First Street
  • the walkway on the north side of the Engineering Lab Building
  • all walkways between the Engineering Lab Building, the Geoscience Building, Nedderman Hall, and Woolf Hall

These closures will not involve utilities and will not affect electricity. For questions, call Patty Goodloe at 817-272-9726.

Life Science Building 2-hour Outage on December 21

Life Science:  Saturday, December 21st, time unknown

In order to replace the electrical feeder serving the Life Science Building, Facilities Management has scheduled a two-hour electrical outage for the entire building on Saturday, December 21st.  Although this outage will last no more than two hours, we will not have prior knowledge of the time frame.  During this outage emergency power will be supplied by the building’s generator to support egress lighting, life safety, and all research facilities currently connected to the emergency generator.  If any new research has been established that must retain power, please e-mail Toby Buhrkuhl, Facilities Management Electric Shop Supervisor, at .

To prevent any possible damage, we also recommend you turn off all electronic equipment in the offices including computers, scanners, and copiers before leaving on Friday, December 20th (these devices do not need to be unplugged from their electrical outlets).  Please let your faculty and staff members know as necessary.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your cooperation.