End-of-Semester Work and Due Dates

UPDATE:  All portfolios and portfolio entries will now be due Monday, May 6th.  When you complete your semester’s portfolio, you will email your class instructor with the URL of your portfolio for confirmation.

Here is the class handout which details your portfolio construction.

You will complete a reflection on machine translation (due April 15), and a reflection/exploration of community translation (due April 29).

A final element for your translation–the link to your virtual interview–will be added to the portfolio prior to the May 1 deadline.

Machine Translation Project, Spring Semester, 2013

Below are the prompt text files for the second major translation project for the semester, which comprises a significant portion of your class grade, and is designed to demonstrate your increased skills in and articulated reflections on globalization, internationalization, localization, and translation in the 21st Century.

For this assignment, you will use a CAT tool such as Fluency to provide a polished, English‐language translation the source material(s).  Following our technical briefing this morning by Fluency, you were emailed access instructions for that package to assist you in your work this semester.

(Macintosh users may wish to utilize this package via a Windows emulator (Parallels, Bootcamp, VMWare Fusion, etc.), or opt instead for another tool such as Google Translator Toolkit.  We will discuss options for Mac users in more detail the week of 3/18, when we return from Spring Break.)

Project Source Texts

Chinese Source Text

French Source Text

German Source Texts

Korean Source Text

Russian Source Text

Have a good and very safe break, everyone!

Links, rechts….

Here are links to several of the case study materials viewed in class recently:

Honda Case Study

Intro. to PayPal Case

PayPal and the Nordics


SDL/Big Data Cases

Reading for Week of February 18

Le Ton beau…Chapter 6.

And, as always, additional reading and materials will be supplied and presented in class!

Reading for Week of February 11

Le Ton beau…, Chapter 10.

Additional reading items will also be distributed in class, including work by Dan Sperber, Roy Wagner, and others.

Is the world flat, or not at all that?

Here is the link to Prof. Gemawat on the notion of a flat, or not-so-flat world.

Project I Information Sheet

Attached are the details for this semester’s first project, the Media Localization Analysis.  Please note the due date of March 1!

Pico Iyer and Cultural Commentators

Yesterday in class we were treated to the humor of Hape Kerkeling, and to the cultural observation and commentary of Pico Iyer.

The reflection due at our next class meeting, Monday, Feb. 4 is here.

In-clined to Translation

The slides from Wednesday, January 23 are available here.

“When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain.”

The page selection  from Le ton… that we will use in class starting for Wednesday, January 23, is available here for download.

If you already have the Hofstadter book in hand, we will work with the following pages:  poems pages 22A-23B, pp. 22-24 on Germanic languages, and p. 293 on new words.

As a reminder, after this week I will assume that you have a print copy of the book in hand.

And indeed, your overall reading assignment for the week of January 21 is to read Hofstadter Chapters 1-3 (through page 61).

GILT, encore!

Welcome to FREN 3321, GERM 3311/4335, RUSS 3311/4335, ARAB 3311, CHIN 3311, KOREAN 3311, and PORT 3311—better known as GILT II!

The semester syllabus is here.

And a link to the semester’s textbook title is here.

And while you are ordering your book copies, here are the first 10 pages we will utilize, starting Wednesday.

For Friday (1/18), come prepared with your translation for the Vegas airport sign introduced in class as well.

Expect on Friday the 25th:  our first reflection, on the theme “What is your definition of translation?”  You may want to begin reflecting on several of the definitions from class here, here, or here.

Best wishes for an intellectually stimulating and successful semester!!