Tech Wildcatters and Health Wildcatters Fall 2014 Internships

Tech Wildcatters and Health Wildcatters are currently recruiting interns for the Fall 2014 semester. We have internships available in Operations, Marketing, Social Media, and Technology and would love to have your students participate. I’ve included a link to the internship postings below. Please feel free to share with your students, campus clubs, or directly recommend [...]

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Google has $1 million with your name on it: All you have to do is prove you’re nothing short of an engineering god.
Partnering with the IEEE, Google is looking for anyone who can take a power inverter–which is described on Google’s blog as “a picnic cooler-sized device used to convert [...]


UPS – Work the Shift that is Right for You!

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D Magazine Fall 2014 Internship Program

I’m excited to let you know that D Magazine Partners is now accepting intern applications for the fall semester.  In the past, UTA has provided quality, hard-working interns that have been a wonderful addition to our program. I am hoping to continue that tradition this semester. D Magazine Partners prides itself on having an all-encombusing [...]

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Nebraska Furniture Mart Career Fair

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White House Internship Program

Greetings from the White House Internship Program,
We are writing to announce that the application for the Spring 2015 White House Internship Program is open. We are reaching out to your organization to encourage you to pass this information to students interested in public service and hope that you can share these details along with the [...]

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Doing This on Social Networks Could Cost You a Job

With his Blurred Lines parody, Weird Al is onto something: America’s grammar stinks. And there’s strong evidence that it’s so bad, it’s costing us jobs. A new survey from CareerBuilder finds that about a third of HR managers say they’ve taken an applicant out of consideration because of “poor communication skills” on social media.
Yes, people know [...]

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The Reciprocity Rule of Online Networking

It’s all the rage these days. If you’re in transition, you have to be using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. But why? The rationale seems to be that if you can just reach the right person – no matter how distant and tenuous the link – you can depend on them to help you land a [...]

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10 Reasons Why I Ignored Your Resume

A lot of people want jobs in marketing, which is great news for those of us currently hiring. However, after a decade of screening, interviewing and onboarding marketers, there are still some mistakes that I constantly see. Here are examples of some mistakes you should avoid.
1. You use a Hotmail or AOL email address
Marketers should [...]

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Out-of-the-Box Approaches to the Job Search (That Actually Work)

You’ve heard the commonly cited statistics before: 80% of job openings are unlisted; there are 100+ resumes submitted for every job posting; 50% of submitted applications are weeded out by software and never even reviewed by a human.
While stats like these should be taken with a grain of salt, there’s no doubt that today’s job market is highly [...]

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