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Tips and Tricks for the Skype Job Interview

Business school career centers have long prepared students for job interviews, but now they have a new platform to contend with. Enough companies now interview for jobs and internships over Skype that career offices have started to train business students in the art of conversing on video chat.
You’d think that digital natives could pull it [...]

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10 Things To Do When You Don’t Hear Back After A Job Interview

You finally landed that coveted job interview. Maybe you aced it; perhaps you flopped. Either way, you send a thank you note and check your inbox compulsively for a week, waiting not-so-patiently for some sort of response. But you hear nothing.
This happens far too often.
According to a 2013 CareerBuilder study among 3,991 employees, 60% said they’ve [...]

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Hey Young Job Seekers, Check Your Mom At The Door

Human resources workers increasingly complain about millennials showing up unprepared or acting unprofessionally at job interviews. And with 44 percent of millennials underemployed, their parents may actually be more to blame than a weak job market.

Dan Schawbel, founder of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm, said millennials rely too much on their [...]

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10 Things Not To Do In An Interview

It’s a potential life-changing event—yet so many people get it wrong. I’m talking about going for an interview for a position you really want; one that could have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life.
So, why is it that so many prospective employees don’t seem to grasp the essentials of getting the interviewer [...]

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Bring Back the Romance (A Message to Hiring Managers)

Go back in your mind to your dating years and think of a time when you first met someone who sparked your interest. No doubt, you made it a point to put your best foot forward, to show them what a great catch you were and then went on to give them clues that you [...]

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These 5 Interview Blunders Will Probably Kill Your Job Prospects

It’s time to shine in your big interview. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty, of course.

Let me count the ways: arriving late, crazy hygiene (I’ve seen it) and being rude, just to name a few. Yet, among all the ways an interview can go sideways, I’ve found there are five fatal blunders that stand out [...]

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