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Have you ever realized that you just have too much stuff sitting in your Residence Hall room or Apartment? All those items are just waiting to be sold to become money in your pocket, all you have to do is sell it. Now there’s any easier way to sell, swap and haggle your stuff away!

Swappel is a new website similar to Craigslist’s item selling/trading feature. It allows you to post the items you have, set your price and even decide which items you’d be willing to trade for.

If you have already posted up a flyer on the UT Arlington Student Governance’s bulletin boards and posted an ad on Craigslist, then Swappel is your next step. All that stuff you have lying around can actually bring in a decent amount of money.

For people like me, who tend to impulse buy, you can easily sell your larger priced items online for close to what you paid for it. Sometimes, if your lucky, you can even make a profit. Around this time last year I purchased a drafting table from Thrift Town on Abram’s St. and several months later decided I didn’t want it anymore. I ended up getting $140 for the drafting table when I sold it to an individual.

For all of those items that aren’t easy to sell, or aren’t of much quality to sell, you can donate those. Donating your old items to a Goodwill Inc., Salvation Army, or Texas Thrift is an easy way to get rid of them while helping others at the same time. Most of these businesses are not-for-profit and donate their earned income to various charities.

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How can I have the best college experience ever?

This is a question that is commonly asked by many students as they are preparing to attend or are already attending college. Well the answer is easier than one might think….GET INVOLVED!!

College is a great time for students to participate in various events and organizations. Here at UTA we have over 300 organizations making it easy for everyone to find their perfect match. We have everything from vegan club to gamers club, from various Greek organizations to multicultural organizations. We also have intramural and sports clubs. All of these are just waiting for you to show up and be a part of something GREAT!

One common phrase that I like to apply to most things is this…”To get what you want out of something, then you must also be willing to work for it.” Here at UT Arlington this means that to get the best experience you must go look for it. While some may be lucky enough to have the opportunity find them, others may not be, and have to seek out opportunities themselves. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and go find who you are and where you belong. It can be the official new beginning to the rest of your life! :)

Living on campus in one of the on-campus Residence Halls or Apartments will also help you get more involved with on-campus life. When you live in a Residence Hall you will have an opportunity to meet tons of new friends and open up the possibility of joining new organizations like Hall Council.

Here is a list of all of  UT  Arlington’s student organizations and clubs. If you find one that you like, don’t be hesitant to find out when their meetings are and see if it would be something you are interested in joining. Each semester UT Arlington also hosts an Activities Fair where students can come out and find out about all of the various organizations UT Arlington has to offer.

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As a college student, you’re already well aware that affording an education can be expensive, that’s why it’s important to save money. Saving money doesn’t just mean keeping your extra money in a savings account and having it sit there, but it means proactively finding new ways to spend less!

Don't break the bank!

Here are a few tips to save money while living on campus at UT Arlington

1: Avoid that daily Starbucks Frappaccino or Caramel Macchiato. Instead, make coffee and flavor it at home, or buy a less expensive coffee from the POD in the University Center.

2: Instead of buying new textbooks, try and find them used at the UT Arlington Bookstore , or borrow them from a friend. Don’t forget about E-Books as they are also a viable option as they are often times more affordable than a used copy of a textbook, however because they are a digital copy there isn’t anything you can sell back at the end of the semester.

3: Attend On Campus University Events! You pay for them as part of your tuition, you might as well attend them. UT Arlington puts on many events throughout each semester. When you live in one of UT Arlington’s residence halls or apartment you have access to the events and programs that your Resident Assistant’s put on . Attending these allows you to save money and most importantly to have fun.

4: Use the UTA Shuttle Service, carpool or ride a bicycle. UT Arlington’s shuttle service will allow you to get from one end of campus to the other without having to walk in the heat or drive your car, carpooling will allow you to have fun with friends while saving gas money and riding a bicycle will help keep you fit and healthy while getting to a destination quicker. UT Arlington even has a student-ran bicycle shop on campus.

Now that you know a few money-saving tips, here’s my experience:

I had to learn how to budget and manage my money as a student who had to transition from living in a residence hall, to moving into an apartment independently. One of the ways you can help better manage your monthly funds is to set your due dates for your monthly-recurring bills to the time of the month that you get paid, that way your bills are taken care of and whatever is left is yours for the month. I really like that I can pay my bills on MyMav and can see exactly what’s owed. If you know how much you receive each month and you know how much you must pay each month then you should know your spending allowance. Learning how to budget money is one of the best skills you can have as a young adult. If you have questions about managing your money you can visit the Student Money Management Center

Housing Ambassador,

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You may have heard the term Housing Ambassador around the UTA campus from time-to-time, but do you know what a Housing Ambassador is? The Housing Ambassadors are a group of outstanding students that serve as liaisons to current and prospective students. They all live on campus in UTA Housing and can help answer questions and familiarize you to our exciting campus life. Not only do Housing Ambassadors share their experiences of living on campus with prospective students and their families, but they lead daily housing tours of our residence halls and apartments, answer housing and dining questions, and help students with the online housing application process.

The Housing Ambassadors are your friendly representatives that will answer any questions you have when you call the UTA Housing Office or attend a presentation about UTA Housing. If you ever have any immediate questions you can call 817-272-2791 and a friendly Housing Ambassador will answer your phone call.

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Welcome to the UTA Housing Ambassadors’ Blog. On here you can find important supplemental information about what is going on in the UTA Housing Office, when important deadlines approach and about some of the experiences of students and Housing Ambassadors living on campus. If you need more detailed information you can visit the UTA Housing Office webpage and take a look at all of the apartments and residence halls that are on campus. Take a look at our UTA Housing and Dining Video.

UT Arlington Housing and Dining

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