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Have you ever realized that you just have too much stuff sitting in your Residence Hall room or Apartment? All those items are just waiting to be sold to become money in your pocket, all you have to do is sell it. Now there’s any easier way to sell, swap and haggle your stuff away!

Swappel is a new website similar to Craigslist’s item selling/trading feature. It allows you to post the items you have, set your price and even decide which items you’d be willing to trade for.

If you have already posted up a flyer on the UT Arlington Student Governance’s bulletin boards and posted an ad on Craigslist, then Swappel is your next step. All that stuff you have lying around can actually bring in a decent amount of money.

For people like me, who tend to impulse buy, you can easily sell your larger priced items online for close to what you paid for it. Sometimes, if your lucky, you can even make a profit. Around this time last year I purchased a drafting table from Thrift Town on Abram’s St. and several months later decided I didn’t want it anymore. I ended up getting $140 for the drafting table when I sold it to an individual.

For all of those items that aren’t easy to sell, or aren’t of much quality to sell, you can donate those. Donating your old items to a Goodwill Inc., Salvation Army, or Texas Thrift is an easy way to get rid of them while helping others at the same time. Most of these businesses are not-for-profit and donate their earned income to various charities.

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