Collegiality-1st Session

1st Session:
Tuesday, Nov. 27
10-11 a.m.

Facilitators: Ramona and Carleen

5 Responses to “Collegiality-1st Session”

  1. Derek says:

    Continue the discussion. Any ideas about Collegiality at the UTA Libraries? All library staff are welcome to add new posts and comments.

  2. Ramona says:

    There are 2 sessions: Tues. 11/27 @ 10 and Wed. 11/28 @ 3. We will discuss collegiality and innovative partnerships.

  3. Carleen says:

    Ideas from 11/27/12 Collegiality Session #1 (42 attendees):
    * more sessions like this
    * set up smaller sessions between 2 depts to better understand each other. Set them up like this session where people sit across from one another for better conversation.
    * parties/mixers; mixers after library hours and away from the library
    * staff sharing – learn about the roles in other areas
    * do special tours to highlight certain things
    * engage in special projects with colleagues such as the Paws on campus
    * learn about others expertise in structured conversations
    * getting to know colleagues personally less likely to be rude (agree to disagree in a collegial manner)
    * look at cultural differences among our staff (internat’l staff and staff from other parts of the US) and learn from them.
    * having a better understanding of the other depts and their workflow, issues, challenges and stress times. Can others help them during stress times?
    * getting to know each other is key to collaboration
    * look at structural barriers in depts. What ways are useful and what ways are not. How do we address these? And create the ability to work across depts.
    * discourage disagreements via email – encourage face to face discussion to work out the issues.
    * could have problem solving sessions where we leverage others expertise
    * is academy collegial? Some perspective is that it is becoming more collegial; centuries of tradition based on common traditions – search for the truth is the shared goal.
    * With shared goals and values, discords may fade away. We have common ground.

  4. Kona says:

    I attended the first session on Collegiality. Even though we are working towards building connections with other departments, we still have a long way to go. I was most intrigued by the idea of partnering up two departments at a time and just having conversations about the challenges of our program areas and finding out the commonalities. I can see the potential for building bridges to empower us to help each other on a greater scale than just within our own program areas.

  5. Kona says:

    Also, in cross-training with volunteers from other program areas, one of the things I learned in conversations during one-to-one time with volunteers was when the volunteers started talking about some of the issues they have in the natural course of their own work. I was surprised to realize that if our program area had known some of these challenges, there may have been ways that we would have been able to work together to resolve these problems and vice versa. I learned a lot from these conversations and that’s why I think all staff in two program areas having conversations would have a much broader impact than when only the coordinators are talking to each other.