Campus Engagment

Facilitated by Suzanne Beckett and Doug Lewis

Presi PresentationLink

Presentation Points:

  • Do away with conventional metaphors – stroke of insight, lightbulb moments.  Ideas are not single moments.
  • An idea is a network – a “liquid network”.  Our breakthrough ideas are often “cobbled together – from whatever parts happen to be near by … ideas from other people, from people we’ve learned from, from people we’ve run into the coffee shop and we stitch them together and into new forms and we create something new and that’s really where innovation happens.”
  • The spaces that have lead to innovation are chaotic, unpredictable collisions.
  • Good ideas didn’t happen at the microscope with eureka moments, all most all of them happened at the conference table at the weekly lab meetings.  Often where they shared the mistakes they were having.

Library Patron Levels of Engagement

Core Patron Access of the Library

  • Space – they get familiar with space first – website and/or building – identity and comfort
  • Technology – hardware, software, wireless
  • Collections – typical simply an article or reserves or a book – learning how the collections works – how databases work, how
  • Assistance – broad – chat, email, one on one, digging deeply into a topic, a paper jam – the totality of the library providing whatever kind of help they need

Upper Level Patron Access of the Library (Beyond Core)

  • Advocacy – positive word of mouth – someone familiar with the library tells others or helps them of their success in the library – a kind of endorsement
  • Partnership – they take a particular ownership and try to improve it – the library is their instrument to not only use, but improve.

Brain Mathew’s “Blocks of Library Outreach”Link

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