Lecture content posted for RN to BSN Juniors

Lecture content has been posted to both the VOD and Podcast pages for RN to BSN Juniors. The content posted is:

Gero Pt 1 & 2
Journal & HP Overview
Building motivation to change Pt 1 & 2 (streaming only)

You will need to make sure that you have Apple Quicktime installed to view the Building Motivation lectures. you can go to Apple to download Quickitme.

if you have issues viewing these lectures, contact the LRC for assistance.

Link to download Quicktime: Apple Downloads: Quicktime

Lecture content posted for N3581

Lecture content was posted for N3581. The content posted is:

Adult Issues (Windows Portable Media and Web Video)
Psychological needs of Older Adults (Windows Portable Media & Web Video)
Cognitive Disorders Pt 1 & 2 (Windows Portable Media & Web Video)

Lecture content posted for N3561

Lecture content has been posted for N3561 on the VOD and Podcast Pages. The content files are:

Gastrointestinal Problems Pt 1 (Windows Media Files & Web Video)
Gastrointestinal Problems Pt 2
Quiz 3 Review (Web Video)

Gastrointestinal Problems have online videos that do not have audio. you will need to contact the faculty for the links to these videos.