How to use the Compatibility View in Internet Explorer

The New VOD page (click to access) has a issue of being viewed in Internet Explorer 7 and Above. the issue is that the page does not look centered and some of the menu options do not appear on the pages. The issue is within Internet Explorer and has to do with the Compatibility View function. Here is a page that explains Compatibility View:

To view the VOD page properly, you will need to turn off Compatibility View. to do this, follow the directions below:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click the Tools Menu Option.
3. Scroll down to the Compatibility View option and uncheck (turn off) the option.

The Page will be viewed normally.

You may have to turn compatibility view back on to view other web pages. just follow the above directions in reverse to turn the feature on.

This feature is not present in Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Flock or other Mozilla Engine Browsers.

LRC Computer Lab Closings

The LRC computer labs will be closed the following dates and times for the rest of February:

February 14: 8:30 to 3
February 16: 8:30 to 11
February 18: 8:30 to 11
February 19: 7:30 to 12:30
February 21: 8:30 to 3
February 24: 8:30 to 2:30
February 25: 8:30 to 3
February 28: 8:30 to 3

Dates and times are subject to change during the closing period. below are the list of student computer labs that you are able to use during the closings:

Architecture Rooms 319 & 324; Business Rooms 336 & 340; Engineering Room 256; Fine Arts Rooms 404, 411, 411A, 412 & 412A; The MAC & Central Library First Floors; Nedderman Hall Room 231; University Hall Rooms 004 & 005.

You will need to have your id card with you as you may have to pay for printing in these locations

We are sorry for the issues in your schedule that this may cause during the closings.