New Priting Policy change for OIT & Department Priting Labs

Beginning August 11, 2011, Printing using the Pharos Release System (card swipe), will become a pay as you go system. The $100 fund that were issues during the beginning of the fall semester will no longer take place. If you wish to print in either OIT or Departmental computer labs beginning August 11, you will need to deposit funds onto your Mav ID card.

To deposit funds onto your Mav ID card, do 1 of the following steps:

Option 1: Go to the MavMoney deposit kiosk on the first floor of the Central Library between the Coffee hut and the OIT help desk. You will need a Debit or Credit card to make a deposit.

Option 2: Go online to MavMoney to make a deposit. You will need to have a Debit or Credit Card to make a deposit.

With both options, your funds are instantly available when the deposit is made.

If you have any questions about procedures about printing, visit the OIT Priting Help/FAQ page to find answers.

You will need to have your MavID card to release print jobs

As of May 31, you will need to have your MavID card to release your print jobs in the LRC.

The change is in line with the Change the campus will be making beginning August 11, 2011.

If you do not have any funds on your MavID card for printing, you can add funds to your card at the following locations:

1. At the MavID Kiosk located in the Central Library between the OIT Helpdesk and the coffee hut.
2. Online at MavMoney. With a credit or debit card, you can deposit money to your MavID card online. There is a $1 convenience fee for this service.

If you have any questions, contact the LRC for assistance.

CONVOD Issues that you may be having

If you are having issues viewing the VOD page in your web browser, contact the LRC for assistance.

If you are Viewing the VOD page in Internet Explorer, you will need to turn off the “compatibility view” Function. This is located under the Tools Menu Option of Internet Explorer. If you do not find the compatibility View Option, check to see if you are running the Most current version of Internet Explorer. The current versions of IE are Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP and Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista/7. Internet Explorer 9 is not compatible with Windows XP.

If viewing the VOD page in Mozilla Firefox 4 or Apple Safari 5, uninstall the web browser and download a fresh copy from the web sites, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, and reinstall the browser. Both browsers have been tested and work fine.

Again, if you are having issue, contact the LRC for assistance.

Need Assistance: Contact the LRC

If you run into issues viewing videos on the VOD page or accessing podcast files on a podcast page, you will need to contact the LRC for Assistance.

Our contact information is:

Phone: 817-272-2985

When contacting us please provide us with as much detailed information that you can. Primary information that we need is:

Operating System (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, ect.) what web browser you are using, including version number (IE 9, Firefox 4, Safari 5) and what specific issue you are having.