Locations to add money to Mav ID Card

Below are the following locations were you can add money to your Mav ID Card.

1. The Central Library Mav ID Transaction Kiosk. Located between the Coffee Shop and the OIT Help Desk. Instructions on how to deposit money are on the Kiosk.

2. Access MavMoney.com on the computer. The is a $1 convenience fee for the transaction. The amount you deposit is ready to use after you make the deposit.

If you have any questions or problems with making a deposit, contact the following for support:

Mav Express, Phone: (817) 272-2645, Email, Mav Express Web page

Printing Costs for LRC Computer Labs

Beginning August 11, 2011, Printing for the campus will become Pay As You Go. You will be charged for each print job that you release in all computer labs on campus, including the LRC computer Labs.

The cost for printing in for all computer labs, including the LRC labs are:

Black and White Single Side: $.04 per page

Black and White Duplex (2-Side): $.06 per page

If you have any questions, contact a member of the LRC staff.