LRC Computer Lab Closings for Testing in September

Below are the date and times that the LRC computer labs will be closing for testing:

Sept 9: 8:45A to 10:30A
Sept 16 8:45A to 10:30A
Sept 19 12:45P to 2:15P
Sept 20 7:45A to 10A & 12:45P to 2:30P
Sept 21 7:45A to 10A & 12:45 to 2:30P
Sept 23 8:45A to 10:30A
Sept 26 8:45A to 10:30A & 12:45P to 2:30P
Setp 28 9:30A to 11A

Dates and times of testing are Subject to change.

LRC Holiday Closings for Fall 2011

The LRC will be closing for the following Holidays for the Fall 2011 Semester:

Labor Day, September 5, 2011 (we will reopen @ 7:30 AM on September 6)

Thanksgiving, November 24 – 26 (we will reopen @ 7:30 AM on November 28)

Winter/Christmas Break, *December 23 – 31 (we will return from the winter break and reopen @ 8 AM on January 2, 2012)

*Date and Times are Subject to change

If you have any questions, contact the LRC for details.

Check the LRC blog & LRC Facebook page for closings during the semester.

LRC Hours of Operation for Fall 2011

The Fall session begins Thursday. Beginning Thursday, the LRC hours of operation will be:

Thursday, Friday & Saturday (8-25 to 8-27): 7:30 A to 5 P

The LRC will be closed for Labor Day 9-5-2011

Normal Hours of Operation for the LRC will begin Monday 8-29-11

Monday through Thursday: 7:30 A to 8 P
Friday & Saturday: 7:30 A to 5 P

If you have any questions, Please contact the LRC @ 817.272.2985

Pickard Hall Power Outage for Sunday 8-21-2011

On Sunday 8-21-2011, power will be shut off to the building for maintenance and upgrades. All server systems in Pickard Hall will be shut down on Saturday 8-20-2011 by 5 PM for protection. The servers will include all streaming servers, podcast servers and connect pro servers.

These services will resume operation on Monday 8-22-2011.

UTA Campus Pay As You Go Printing Begins Today


Beginning today August 11, 2011, Printing using the Pharos Release System (card swipe), will become a pay as you go system. The $100 fund that were issues during the beginning of the fall semester will no longer take place. If you wish to print in either OIT or Departmental computer labs beginning August 11, you will need to deposit funds onto your Mav ID card.

To deposit funds onto your Mav ID card, do 1 of the following steps:

Option 1: Go to the MavMoney deposit kiosk on the first floor of the Central Library between the Coffee hut and the OIT help desk. You will need a Debit or Credit card to make a deposit.

Option 2: Go online to MavMoney to make a deposit. You will need to have a Debit or Credit Card to make a deposit.