Issues using Neehr Perfect at Home or in LRC Computer Lab

It has come to our attention that some people have been having issues using or accessing the Neehr Perfect site from either our computer labs or from home. We spoke with tech support and came up with a few possible solution to the problems. see the solutions below:

Problem: after installing the Citrix software and using Neehr Perfect, the user can not access the site on a regular basis.

Possible Solutions:

1. Add Neehr Perfect to the trusted web sites: Instructions

2. Reinstall the Citrix Software and try accessing the site again. You can access the Neehr Perfect site to download the software or you can click HERE.

3. Update your Java software and try accessing the site again.

Contact Holly Woods if you are having issues so we can get a account of who and how many are having issues.

Pharos Print Release issues in computer lab

For the past few weeks that has been an issue with the Pharos print release system. We have been in contact with the OIT help desk and have found the issues are a campus wide problem.

The Problems that have been reported are:
Slow release of print jobs
Release stations losing connection with the server
Print jobs not sending to print release station

If you come down to print your notes or any print jobs, print what you need for class at this time. if you find you can not release your print jobs, come back on your earliest break and attempt to release the jobs. Print jobs remain in the print queue for 2 hours from the time they are sent to the print releases system.

We are sorry for the issues this has caused and if you have any questions, as a member of the LRC Staff.