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On October 19, all computer labs and the Student success center will be closed for testing. the closing details is listed below:

October 19 8:30A to 2P
SRII Exit Exam
All Computer Labs and Student Success Center

If you need to print or do any other business on the computer during this time, you can use the computers at the Central Library or other OIT student Labs.

Computer Labs B & C will be closed for testing on October 5, 2012 for testing. below is the closing details:

October 5 12:45P to 2:30P
N4431 Testing
Computer Labs B & C

Computer Lab A will be open for general use during the test. we ask that you remain quiet during the testing period.

Computer Lab use during testing

if Computer labs are open for general use during testing, we ask that you respect your fellow student and stop using the computer if you are not printing or checking email. this will give all other students a chance to print their notes or check email or schedules.

if you have a questions, you can ask a member of the LRC staff for help.

Items not to bring when testing

When coming to a test held in the LRC computer labs or room 216, you will need to leave the following Items in your car or your locker:

Cell Phone
Book Bag
Sweater, Jacket, Hoodie

you will need to bring your MavID Card and a Pen or Pencil. if not sure about your cell phone, The staff can lock the phone in a secure location.


On September 17, there will be testing in the computer labs in the LRC. below are the following closings:

Closing 1
10A to 12P Computer Lab C only (Computer Labs A & B will be open for general use)

Closing 2
1P to 2:30P Computer Lab B & C (computer lab A will be open for general use)

to use open labs, you must remain quiet during the testing period.

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