computer labs closed for testing today 8:30A to 2:30P

All computer labs will be closed for testing today from 8:30A to 2:30P. The closings are listed below:

Hesi Exit Exam R3
Computer Lab A
8:30A to 2:30P

Computer Lab B & C
8:30A to 11A

Computer Lab B & C
11:45A to 1:30P

For N4441 students, do not enter the LRC until you are given the OK to enter the Room.

All other students, if you need to use a computer, you will be able to use the computers at the Central Library or other OIT Student Labs.

Computer labs closed tomorrow, 12-11-12, for testing

Computer Labs B & C will be closed tomorrow for testing. The Closings are listed below:

Closing 1:
N3320 Final
Computer Labs B & C
7:45A to 10:30A

Closing 2:
N5313/5314 Final
Computer Labs B & C
11A to 1P

Closing 3:
N3481 Final
Computer Lab B & C
1:30P to 3P

Computer Lab A will be open for general use during the testing periods. Please remain quiet during testing.

Virus Warning: FBI Moneypak Ransomware

You will need to be on the lookout for the virus, FBI Moneypak Ransomware. The virus locks your computer and prevents you from being able to use your computer. The virus makes you believe that the lock out is from the FBI or other Local Authority.

To prevent being affected by the virus, make sure your virus software definitions are up to date and that your computer updates are current. Also, be aware of web links that you open on the web, including those that are posted in social media sites. Do not open web links in emails from senders that you do not know or emails that do not have a subject line or have a blind sender.

If you have been infected, you can take your computer to a local repair depot to have them professionally remove the virus or look up how to remove the FBI Moneypak Ransomware on google, bing, yahoo, ect.