Success Series Offers Workshops

University College invites all students to join “The Success Series”, a workshop series designed to improve academic performance and enhance important life skills. Each semester, various departments within University College will offer innovative, hands-on workshops on a variety of topics, such as time management, study skills, dealing with stress, learning styles, major exploration, and more.

Wednesday, Sept. 26th: Manage Your Time and the First Year at UT Arlington.
College success requires more than just blind luck. It requires a firm plan for balancing all of the new responsibilities and tasks that will fill
your life. With extra requirements for studying, going to class, working and other obligations, it can be very easy to find yourself out of balance, feeling tired and getting burned out. Instead, let us help you figure out how to create a plan to balance all of your obligations as you transition into your first year at UT Arlington.

For information on the Success Series and to view the calendar of upcoming workshops visit Success Series online.

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