November 26th – December 1st

As a grad student, life often consists of long hours in the library, editing draft after draft of papers, scrambling to get apps in to present at conferences, and trying to score fellowships, travel awards, and research grants.

YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!  So skip the dirty details and reach out to at least one undergrad in your lab/department/classroom and advertise Graduate Forums Week at UT Arlington.  Most of UTA’s departments will be hosting info sessions on the graduate degrees offered.  These free information sessions provide useful information to those interested in pursuing graduate studies.  And who better to convey the message to an undergrad than a grad student?

The answer… NO ONE!

You are one of the best resources on graduate school.  Inspire future researchers with your projects, experiments, and awesome tales of grad life (feel free to make these up).  Also, ask them to register.  This is grad school after all.