According to a survey of a diverse group of Graduate School Deans from universities across the nation by the Council of Graduate Schools found that,

“At the doctoral level in particular, graduate departments are actively engaged in preparing students for academic positions but they are doing relatively less work to inform students about, or to prepare them for, nonacademic career pathways.”
CGS, Dec.2012

The job market is tough.  Tenure-track positions are withering away like that strange glow tree from Avatar.  HOWEVER!  University of Texas Arlington is ahead of the game.

The OGS  L I T E R A L L Y  has an EDGE.

Within the Office of Graduate Studies there is an all-access, workshop-oriented, professional, social, and academic program (that is 100% FREE TO YOU) called EDGE.

These workshops and events cover everything from Resume/CV, alternative academic careers, external funding, self-development, time management, networking, and ANYTHING ELSE YOU ASK FOR within reason.  (No lobster dinners, sorry.)  Just email  I will do the research and get you the info you want/need.  Seriously.  If you need it, we will supply it.

What we really want, however, is for students to take the time to USE THIS SERVICE.