One Rule of the Job Talk, complements of The Professor Is In blog and source of wisdom of all things graduate study, is to call on the most senior members of the faculty.  Who are these people?  How can I find them?  According to the Professor, “The rule is:  the grayer the hair, the sooner you need to call on them.” Another tidbit of wisdom from the Professor:

Most jobs are lost in the Q and A session of the job talk.

Why?  You need to prove yourself as a colleague of the faculty with which you expect to work.  Avoid graduate students – they don’t make the decision whether or not to hire you or burn your resume to heat the research lab during a coffee-induced delirium while trying to meet a grant deadline.  Also – get a practice session in.  Corner a professor; beg your committee members – do what you must.  Be BE PREPARED to apply your research in amazing and atypical ways.

No one wants another wheel!  Hello – we want hover cars like the ones in the Fifth Element.