Before a new semester beings, I find myself contemplating where my career is going, how my passions have developed, how I have changed, and what to do next.  What projects will inspire me to move forward, to refocus, and to recommit to forwarding my field?  Often I wonder if I keep finding my answer, or if the answer keeps finding me.

I worry about finding my true passion, my specialty, my place in the world – a place where my skills meet a need and the  betterment of society then ensues.  “Will I ever find my passion?” I asked I-Ching (OK technically I asked a questionable website).

I-Ching dutifully responded:

Your current situation can be depicted as “Deliverance” transforming into “Treading.”

So. True.

Right now – it is a time of deliverance.  Summer vacations celebrating another year over and extra time to spend writing dissertations or studying for comps (or getting a tan).  The future – it will soon be a time of treading, or of continuing to conduct myself in my normal manner.  The celebration will be over.  The wise will return to their studies, to achieve a great deal more than they have already achieved because for the wise, this is their norm.  I am reminded that I am, at heart, a life-long learner.  Perhaps my passion, my purpose, is returning to the grindstone with my life’s work never really being complete.  I just thought I would share.