Doctoral students in the writing stage of their dissertations are eligible for summer dissertation fellowships. Interested students must apply through their College or School.

1. Dissertation Fellowships will be awarded for and paid in Summer 2014. There will be no renewals or extensions.
2. Fellowship nominees must be currently enrolled students in good academic standing.
3. Nominees must have completed all formal course requirements.
4. Nominees must have an approved dissertation proposal or prospectus.
5. Nominees should have completed all or most of the research required for the dissertation and should focus their efforts on writing while holding the Dissertation Fellowship.
6. Applicants must present a feasible plan or completion schedule demonstrating that they can complete their dissertation and defend it no later than August 2015.
7. Students may not hold other forms of paid employment while holding a Dissertation Fellowship.
8. Nominees must be enrolled in at least 3-hrs of 6X99 or in 7399 in Summer 2014. They may not be enrolled in any other courses.

Application Process:
Fellowship nominees must submit a complete nomination packet to the selection committee in their college or school. The packet must include:
1. Nomination Form
2. Copy of dissertation proposal
3. Memo of support from Supervising Professor
4. Schedule for completing all phases of the dissertation process and anticipated date of graduation with signed approval by advisor.
5. Additional materials may be required by the College/School selection committee. Students should contact their Graduate Advisor for additional requirements deadlines.

Nomination Form:
In nominating a student, the nominee, Supervising Professor, and Graduate Advisor indicate that they believe the nominee meets all requirements and agree that the proposed completion timeline is sensible and feasible. The Supervising Professor also agrees to carefully monitor the nominee’s progress with the intent of assuring that the nominee will be making appropriate progress toward completing the degree by the anticipated graduation date. The form and all required nomination materials must be sent to college or school selection committees.
Dissertation Proposal: Prospective Fellowship nominees must submit a copy of their dissertation proposal as it was approved by their supervising committee.

Completion Schedule: Prospective Fellowship nominees must submit a timeline for completing their dissertation, showing estimated dates by which sub-tasks will be completed and the planned date of graduation. This timeline must be reviewed and approved in writing by the Supervising Professor.
Memo from their Supervising Professor: A memo from the nominee’s Supervising Professor, describing the merits of the proposal, listing the names of all committee members and attesting that the proposal has been approved by a properly-constituted dissertation committee is required. The memo should include the supervising professor’s assessment of the following:
• The quality of the student’s scholarship
• The quality of the student’s writing skills
• The ability of the student to manage time effectively and work independently to meet
• Any other appropriate factors that denote excellence and likelihood of completing the dissertation within the proposed completion timeline
• The importance/impact of the subject of the dissertation

Selection of Fellows by Colleges and Schools:
1. The college or school selection committee will evaluate all nomination materials and select nominees and alternates as indicated on the current call for nominations. These nominees must be ranked according to their relative strengths and the likelihood that they will graduate no later than one year after the award is received. The Office of Graduate Studies will review nominees submitted by the College or School selection committees and make the final funding decision. Higher ranked nominees will receive first consideration.
2. The College or School selection committee will submit PDF copies of their nominees’ forms and other supporting materials to Lisa Berry (