As noted in On being a scientist: Responsible conduct of research: “The scientific enterprise is built on a foundation of trust. Society trusts that scientific research results are an honest and accurate reflection of a researcher’s work. Researchers equally trust that their colleagues have gathered data carefully, have used appropriate analytic and statistical techniques, have reported their results accurately, and have treated the work of other researchers with respect. When this trust is misplaced and the professional standards of science are violated, researchers are not just personally affronted—they feel that the base of their profession has been undermined. This would impact the relationship between science and society.”

The Office of Graduate Studies in collaboration with the UTA Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Workgroup is hosting the following event:

Responsible Conduct of Research – Examining the Investigative Process
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
303 CPB (Planetarium Conference Building)

Reservations not required but requested as light snacks will be served. Visit the EDGE website to register or you may email Lisa Berry

Dr. George Kondraske recently served as the chair of a panel investigating an allegation of research misconduct. This workshop will provide a brief review of basic information regarding this recent investigation experience. This will include the type of misconduct investigated, the investigative process, and comments regarding wide-ranging impact of what may appear to some to be a simply case of “taking liberties” with the facts in the conduct of research.

RCR Website
Students who complete the General RCR Training Modules (required of most students participating in lab-based research) need only attend a few additional events to receive a RCR Certification which is noted on the student’s official university transcript. Visit the RCR Website or contact Lisa Berry to learn more about RCR Certification.