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Apply for a Travel Grant ASAP

Travel grant applications for sustainability research are due Monday Oct. 15th. Travel Support Grants of up to $500 per person will be awarded to students for conferences, seminars, workshops, and/or related student engagement in activities on sustainability and the environment.  Already went to an event?  If you went between Sept. 1 – Oct. 15, 2012 then you qualify for reimbursement!  Apps go to the University Sustainability Committee.  For more information, visit Campus Sustainability or contact Chris Morris at

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Find your mentor match! Friday, March 4, 2011

Doctoral/doctoral-bound graduate students and junior/senior undergraduate students are invited to attend the I Engage Mentoring (IM) Program Information Session:

Friday, March 4, 2011
Room 303 Chemistry & Physics Building
5:30 pm until 6:30 pm

Graduate and undergraduate students interested in the program are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting.

The information session provides graduate and undergraduate students an opportunity to learn more about the program and to meet potential mentors and mentees. The graduate student mentor-undergraduate mentee pair must self identify at the time of application to the program. Accepted graduate students receive a stipend and undergraduate students receive a scholarship to cover the cost of 3-hours of tuition. Please review program specific information on the program website.

The deadline for completed applications is April 21, 2011.

If you are unable to attend the information session, please visit the I Engage Program website for application forms and instructions. You may also contact Lisa Berry,, if you have any questions about the IM Program.

Funding for Dissertation Writers!

The Office of Graduate Studies announces the Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship. Recipients of this fellowship will receive a stipend to cover tuition and other costs. Complete details are available on the website…

Interested students must meet the following qualifications and inform their supervising professor of their interest in this award. Students must be nominated by their college/school to be considered for this fellowship:

1. All Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowships will be awarded for Summer 2010. There will be no renewals or extensions.
2. Fellowship nominees and holders must be in good academic standing.
3. Nominees must have completed all formal course requirements.
4. Nominees must have an approved dissertation proposal or prospectus.
5. Nominees should have completed all or most research required for the dissertation and should be focusing their efforts on writing.
6. Applicants must present a feasible plan or completion schedule demonstrating that they can complete their dissertation and defend it before the close of AY 2010-2011.
7. Students may not hold other forms of paid employment while holding a Dissertation Fellowship.
8. Nominees must be enrolled in at least 3-hrs of an 11-week 6X99 course in Summer 2010. They may not be enrolled in any other courses.

Mentor for Money

The Office of Graduate Studies announces new program: I Engage Mentoring (IM) Program

The IM Program will provide doctoral and doctoral-bound students who have completed 30 hours of graduate study an opportunity to gain teaching and mentoring experience by serving as a research mentor to a UT Arlington undergraduate. The program is open to all junior-senior level undergraduate students but minority and underrepresented and first generation undergraduates are particularly encouraged to participate. Graduate students will receive a $400 stipend during the term in which they participate in the project. Undergraduates will receive a scholarship for 3 semester credit hours of independent study in the term in which they participate in the project.

Undergraduates will be expected to work closely with a graduate student mentor on either the mentor’s research/creative project or on their own research/creative project. The undergraduate is expected to gain research experience, learn more about an academic discipline, network with other students and faculty and refine skills critical for academic and professional growth while the graduate student exercises and develops mentoring skills and benefits from progress made on the research/creative project. Part of the undergraduate’s experience must be “hands on” in nature, but the mentor will be expected to help the undergraduate develop his or her academic understanding related to the selected project.

The graduate student mentor-undergraduate trainee pair must self identify at the time of application to the program and submit a complete application with appropriate faculty approval in order to be considered.

Please visit the Office of Graduate Studies website for additional information and application materials.

Getting Techno

The UTA Central Library TechnoScholar Workshop series provides hands-on training for students. Here are a few examples.

Copyright & Theses/Dissertations
Feb 9, 4-5 pm, Central Library, Rm. 315-A

Do you want to e-publish your thesis or dissertation? What are your rights concerning electronic publishing through the University as Research Commons and ProQuest? This seminar discusses the impact of copyright for graduate students in regard to the University archive.

RefWorks II – Super Features for Semi-Serious Student Writers!
Mar 26, 3-4 pm, Business Bldg., Rm. 136
Sign up
Go beyond the basics of RefWorks and learn how Microsoft Word and RefWork’s “Write-N-Cite” software work together to create a polished paper with minimal effort—(sorry, you’re in charge of the content, although in this session, we’ll work with a “mock” paper to show you how it all works)! Special features of RefWorks, such as Ref Grab-it and RefShare will also be introduced.

Word for Dissertations
Feb 13, 10-noon, Central Library, Rm 315-A

Don’t let Microsoft Word make writing your dissertation any harder than it already is! Learn how to use advanced features in Word 2007 to write longer documents that will make meeting the Graduate School formatting requirements a less arduous process. 2-inch margin? Table of contents? Automatic numbering of figures? No problem.

Eric the Great

This is Eric Frierson, one of the amazing Subject Librarians.

Volunteer Leaders Application

Volunteer Leaders’ Scholarships

The Office of Student Governance and Organizations offers scholarships to recognize and reward competent and reliable student leaders involved in Constituency Councils, Ambassadors, FLOC, the Graduate Student Senate, and Student Congress. Up to twelve scholarships across two levels may be awarded annually (6 per fall/spring semester). All applicants must be in good standing with the university and have completed at least one semester of involvement in the level for which they are applying. Please be aware if you apply for more than one level, you will only be awarded one scholarship if you are a recipient. Because this is scholarship money to be applied to your next semester, graduating seniors* or students transferring to another school are not eligible.

To apply: Complete a Volunteer Leaders’ Scholarship Application form and submit to Student Governance and Organizations (Lower Level, University Center, Box 19350, Arlington, Tx 76019 / Phone 817-272-2293, FAX 817-272-7352).
Spring Deadline: December 16, 2009

Two levels (Level I: 3 at $150, Level II: 3 at $200) to be applied in the upcoming semester. This may be applied for in the fall or spring semester. It will be applied to tuition and fees.

Level I:
Members of Ambassadors, Constituency Councils, Student Congress, FLOC, and the Graduate Student Senate.
Level II:
Ambassador Secretary, Committee Chairs (Student Congress,
Constituency Councils, Ambassadors, FLOC, the Graduate Student
Senate), and members of the UTA-HOSTS! Leadership Team.

Criteria:Volunteer Leaders Application
Applicants should exhibit skills including but not limited to the
areas of: 1) willingness to participate in a variety of activities,
2) reliability and dependability, and 3) potential for growth in a
CC/FLOC/Ambassador/SC/GSS leadership position, and 4) exceeding
expectations for their position.

Applicants for Level II should exhibit leadership skills including but not limited to the areas of:
1) organizational skills, 2) ability to delegate, 3) motivation skills, and 4) initiative.
*Graduating seniors who are continuing on to Graduate School are eligible.Volunteer Leaders Application

Volunteer Leaders Application

Festival of Fabulous…aka ACES

The Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES), a university-wide symposium that showcases the best of UTA’s undergraduate and graduate students’ research and creativity, is now accepting proposals for presentations. Winners receive monetary prizes and recognition at the ACES Awards Ceremony and during Academic Excellence week.

In addition to the standard ACES awards, presentations and posters relevant to sustainability will be eligible to win sustainability awards.

The annual event will take place Thursday, March 25, 2010.

Deadline for proposal submissions is February 15, 2010. Visit the ACES website to submit your proposal.

Email any questions to

Kermit says: It pays to be green

New Sustainability Grants Announced

Three new grant opportunities made available by the President’s Sustainability Committee
·         The President’s Sustainability Committee announces Travel Support Grants available to students, faculty and staff at UT Arlington working to enhance sustainability in the
University’s affairs. Specifically these grants will support (A) faculty and staff travel relating to curriculum, research, and public engagement and (B) student engagement in
activities related to sustainability and the environment.  Travel Support Grants of up to $500 for one event will be awarded to members of the university community to attend conferences, seminars or workshops relevant to sustainability and environmental stewardship.
·         The President’s Sustainability Committee announces Faculty Fellowships on Sustainability in the Curriculum. The Committee’s Working Group on Curriculum,
Research and Community Engagement solicits applications from faculty to support the integration of teaching on sustainability into courses that they teach.
Faculty Fellowships in the amount of $2,000 – $5,000 for one semester will be awarded to support development of modules on sustainability for existing courses, laboratory
exercises, service learning exercises, field trips, development of new courses, or development of other curriculum products. The minimum award is $2,000 and the
maximum is $5,000.
·         The President’s Sustainability Committee announces Sustainability Speaker Grants available to students, faculty and staff at UT Arlington working to enhance sustainability
in the curriculum and the University’s affairs. Sustainability Speaker Grants of up to $500 for one speaker will be awarded to support engagement of speakers addressing sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Please visit the President’s Sustainability Committee Blog for more information.

ACES – deadline for abstract submissions extended

The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to Friday, February 27, 5:00PM.

The Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES) symposium is a university-wide, day-long event showcasing the best of UT Arlington’s students’ research and creativity. The annual event will take place Thursday, March 26th.

Do not miss the opportunity to share your research. There are monetary awards for winners.

New UTA Fellowship Announced for Docs and Post-Docs

The University of Texas at Arlington invites applications and nominations for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellowships. In support of the university’s strategic plan priority to “promote a culturally diverse and inclusive university community,” the fellowship program will contribute to this priority by inviting post doctoral (and terminally degreed—e.g., MFA) and doctoral candidates who have completed their coursework, comprehensive exams, and other requirements and are in the dissertation writing phase. Candidates must have defended the dissertation proposal. Doctoral or other terminal degree candidates will be invited to the university for 9 months. Post doctoral candidates are invited for 9 months, with opportunity for renewal. Participants may be considered for tenure-track faculty positions as appropriate. View the full descriptionONLINE