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Because You’re Famous…

Would you want to take a class taught by a celeb?  OK – what if the celeb had no experience in academia, teaching, or higher education?  Hmmm, still yes?  OK…What if your school was paying the celeb $200,000 annually to teach ONE class. I hope the reviews are at least mixed!

The Chronicle – August 2013 has brought to my attention that David H. Petraeus is teaching a class at CUNY for ONE DOLLAR! First – because I definitely want to take class taught by a previous C.I.A. Director.  Second – said previous C.I.A. officer agreed to teach it for $1.  Third – well, now there is no third because his $200,000 annual salary has vanished.

Zweifler writes in his Chronicle article, “When word of his salary got out, it sparked outrage. CUNY professors said that Mr. Petraeus would be making far more than any of them [$200,000 annually for teaching one three-hour class]; his salary was an insult, they said, to the part-time faculty whose wages are barely sustainable.” Agreed.  However, I am not the best person to examine the ethics behind hiring celebrity adjuncts.  According to my Pinterest page, I would probably register to take a class taught by Grumpy Cat.

Zweifler writes, “Celebrity adjuncts can bring much to the table. Students can learn from the real-life experiences of top practitioners in their fields…[but it] can also be divisive.” One such “practitioner” is James Franco (who spoke at UT Arlington 2012 graduation- FYI), who worked as an adjunct at New York University and University of Southern California.  For film student, this must have been a dream.  For other professors – I bet it was really, really annoying.

Among the celeb adjuncts listed, most of them are not only famous, but notorious:

-Petraeus: involved with the biographer.

-Schwarzenegger: involved with the nanny.

-Spitzer: involved with prostitutes.

-McGreevey: involved with a male while being married, on the DL.

I see a pattern here.  What exactly are these adjuncts teaching?  However, as wrong as this seems to me on paper, I would register for a class taught by any of these guys – and probably one taught by Tiger Woods too… you know, just for kicks.

As always, please let me know your thoughts Mav Grads.  Maybe we can get a good celeb to teach at UTA – like Willie Nelson for students majoring in music… oops, I mean accounting.

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Center for the Integration for Research, Teaching and Learning – ONLINE COFFEE HOUR!

Developing a work-life balance for sustaining a productive career and your sanity.

Brew of cup of java and attend the CIRTL online coffee hour on Feb. 27th from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (register and attend through the link above).  You’ll need headphones and a mic if you would like to share – or just log on and listen to the chat if you want to know more about the subject but aren’t ready to contribute.   This session will be hosted by Rique Campa, Professor of Ecology  and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Michigan State.  Dr. Campa will also be blogging daily (and has been doing so since Feb. 11) on this topic, including how he organizes his day and why he does it.

Coffee hours are held regularly so check back on the site to see upcoming topics.

HEADS UP! Attending these online coffee hours are part of a certification program for STEM Ph.D.’s here at UTA called ON-TRAC.  There are currently three levels of achievement and because this program is teaching focused – it is a GREAT resume builder.  Interested?  Get more info at an ON-TRAC informational meeting on March 6th at noon.  Email for details.

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OGS Dean Cohen Returning to English Faculty

Dr. Phil Cohen, our Dean and fearless leader here at the Office of Graduate Studies, is taking a one-year faculty development leave beginning Jan. 2013.  He will then return to the English department as full-time faculty.

We’ll miss you Dr. Cohen!

Dr. David Silva will serve as our interim dean (effective Jan. 2, 2013) until a replacement is named. This will be in addition to his current responsibilities as vice provost.

Welcome Dr. Silva!

(ATTN Grad Students!! Be sure to bombard Dr. Silva with crazy and complicated stories, travel money requests, questions, and small talk in the New Year to make him feel at home in the OGS.)


International Education Week

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Dean’s Forum for Tonight Rescheduled!

The Dean’s Forum Sponsored by the GSS (scheduled for tonight) has been cancelled.  Due to an emergency that came up last night, Dr. Cohen will not be able to speak to the Student Senate. The Dean’s Forum will be rescheduled.

There will be a Senate meeting to discuss new business.
When: 5:30pm–6:30pm
Where: Student Congress Chambers – Lower Level University Center

This meeting is open to all graduate students.  Just show up with ideas and an appetite for pizza!

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Dean’s Forum Sponsored by the GSS

The Fall 2012 Dean’s Forum Sponsored by the Graduate Student Senate will be held on Wednesday, November 7th.  Hear the Graduate School Dean, Dr. Philip Cohen, address the Student Senate with the “State of the Graduate School,” and get your information directly from the source!

Got questions? Submit them to before the event and Dr. Cohen will come prepared to discuss.

When: 5:30pm–6:30pm

Where: Student Congress Chambers – Lower Level University Center

Register online through the EDGE website.

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International Grad Student Conference on Transatlantic History

On Oct. 25, 2012 come out to hear Ian Tyrrell and his infinite knowledge on “The Spaces and Times of Transatlantic History and Historiography.”  Tyrrell is a scientia professor of history at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Panel discussion begin at 8:30 a.m. and run until 4:30 p.m. in University Hall and Nedderman Hall.  Keynote address is 5-7 p.m., Room 601, Nedderman Hall. 

Get the full schedule!

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Grad Fest 2012 – Wed. Oct 17th in the UC

Grad Fest is here!  Join us for food, fun, and… FEST!

12:00pm to 1:30 pm:  Expectations, Opportunities, and Tips for Success Panel – San Saba Room.  Get first hand, time-tested tips and tricks from UTA alumni and experienced graduate students.  If you are unable to get to campus, this event is also being streamed online.  Check the Grad Fest webpage for details.

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Graduate Student and Faculty Mixer – Rio Grande B.  Mix and mingle with other grad students, hopeful undergrads, faculty, and staff.

Hope to see you there!

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Getting Techno

The UTA Central Library TechnoScholar Workshop series provides hands-on training for students. Here are a few examples.

Copyright & Theses/Dissertations
Feb 9, 4-5 pm, Central Library, Rm. 315-A

Do you want to e-publish your thesis or dissertation? What are your rights concerning electronic publishing through the University as Research Commons and ProQuest? This seminar discusses the impact of copyright for graduate students in regard to the University archive.

RefWorks II – Super Features for Semi-Serious Student Writers!
Mar 26, 3-4 pm, Business Bldg., Rm. 136
Sign up
Go beyond the basics of RefWorks and learn how Microsoft Word and RefWork’s “Write-N-Cite” software work together to create a polished paper with minimal effort—(sorry, you’re in charge of the content, although in this session, we’ll work with a “mock” paper to show you how it all works)! Special features of RefWorks, such as Ref Grab-it and RefShare will also be introduced.

Word for Dissertations
Feb 13, 10-noon, Central Library, Rm 315-A

Don’t let Microsoft Word make writing your dissertation any harder than it already is! Learn how to use advanced features in Word 2007 to write longer documents that will make meeting the Graduate School formatting requirements a less arduous process. 2-inch margin? Table of contents? Automatic numbering of figures? No problem.

Eric the Great

This is Eric Frierson, one of the amazing Subject Librarians.


Welcome to the Office of Graduate Studies, Student Services Blog. The purpose of this Blog is to provide information and an online community for current UT Arlington Graduate students – an environment to network and share advice and concerns. In addition to web-based information, I will post updates on the latest face-to-face enrichment seminars and workshops provided by the OGS and spotlight useful resources provided by departments on campus. Be sure and visit the Workshops page for a list of current workshops offered through the Et Cetera Series. Et Cetera, the Office of Graduate Studies’ Academic and Professional Enrichment Series, presents workshops, lectures, and other events that support your academic and career development. The UT Arlington Resources page has links to our Et Cetera Campus Partners’ websites as well as links to other UT Arlington resources available to you during the pursuit of your graduate degree. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Send me an email or post a comment.