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DS-PRO Open for New Goals

Doctoral Student Progress Report Online (DS-PRO) is unrolling Mark II, a BRAND NEW version of the on-line tool that allows doctoral students and professors at UT Arlington to collaboratively set, monitor, and report on their progress toward goals.  Some functions will be slightly different.  The system prompts you with instructions each time you log in – no training necessary!!

This system is important for students and advisors alike!  DS-PRO lets you improve accountability on all fronts and track your progress so there is a record of your performance.  This is VERY VALUABLE for things like: applying for fellowships and GTA/GRA positions, getting extra time for papers,and getting approval on petitions.  Log in to DS-Pro and set new goals!  Read an overview of the new DS-PRO Mark II for more information!

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Uh, yeah I know all about Halloween.

Just kidding.  But if I wanted, I could know everything about Halloween.

Digital Humanities is the most awesome, excellent, all encompassing thing to ever happen to earth.  I can learn the common traits of serial killers (they kill people), whether or not pumpkin seeds will grow in your stomach (you know they will), and WHAT EXACTLY those strange, orange and black wrapped chewy things are called (I still have no clue).

I am going to nerd out all night, typing random words of horror into EBSCO.  And yes, I will be doing this while sitting on my couch eating candy, trying to get the Trick-or-Treaters to take the Whoppers from my mixed bag of chocolates. (Ha! Trick on them, Whoppers are awful.)

As a student of history, librarian, and writer, I return again and again. Even when I’m not researching, I often visit [insert your fave database] for the sheer fun of what I might learn and discover.”

- Blaney & Webster, 2010

The above is an excerpt from Meyer, E.T. (2011). Splashes and Ripples Synthesizingthe Evidence on the Impact of Digital Resources London JISC.)  That is some serious reading.  You should check it out.

The digitization of Humanities has completely revolutionized the human approach to accessing information.  I want to hear from you!  Email or post a comment with your favorite blogs, websites, primary resources, and other digital musings that document the daily life of humans.

One of my faves? Urban Dictionary.  But hey, that’s just me – you may hate digital humanities and secretly wish that your Sim would just die already.  Now that is evil.  Pure evil.

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U.T.A. O.I.T. provides I.N.F.O. for Y.O.U.

The Office of Information Technology at UT Arlington provides training, orientations, and workshops. They also deliver customized training and orientations about OIT services to departments and classrooms by request.

These instructor-led training classes are available free of charge to UT Arlington faculty, staff, and students.

S.M.A.R.T. Workshop
Mac OS
MS Office 2007
Information Security
Web Design
Cascade Server (CMS)

Visit them on the web for a complete list of services and training dates.


Getting Techno

The UTA Central Library TechnoScholar Workshop series provides hands-on training for students. Here are a few examples.

Copyright & Theses/Dissertations
Feb 9, 4-5 pm, Central Library, Rm. 315-A

Do you want to e-publish your thesis or dissertation? What are your rights concerning electronic publishing through the University as Research Commons and ProQuest? This seminar discusses the impact of copyright for graduate students in regard to the University archive.

RefWorks II – Super Features for Semi-Serious Student Writers!
Mar 26, 3-4 pm, Business Bldg., Rm. 136
Sign up
Go beyond the basics of RefWorks and learn how Microsoft Word and RefWork’s “Write-N-Cite” software work together to create a polished paper with minimal effort—(sorry, you’re in charge of the content, although in this session, we’ll work with a “mock” paper to show you how it all works)! Special features of RefWorks, such as Ref Grab-it and RefShare will also be introduced.

Word for Dissertations
Feb 13, 10-noon, Central Library, Rm 315-A

Don’t let Microsoft Word make writing your dissertation any harder than it already is! Learn how to use advanced features in Word 2007 to write longer documents that will make meeting the Graduate School formatting requirements a less arduous process. 2-inch margin? Table of contents? Automatic numbering of figures? No problem.

Eric the Great

This is Eric Frierson, one of the amazing Subject Librarians.

Festival of Fabulous…aka ACES

The Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES), a university-wide symposium that showcases the best of UTA’s undergraduate and graduate students’ research and creativity, is now accepting proposals for presentations. Winners receive monetary prizes and recognition at the ACES Awards Ceremony and during Academic Excellence week.

In addition to the standard ACES awards, presentations and posters relevant to sustainability will be eligible to win sustainability awards.

The annual event will take place Thursday, March 25, 2010.

Deadline for proposal submissions is February 15, 2010. Visit the ACES website to submit your proposal.

Email any questions to

Summer Workshops Announced

Reserve your seat today – select “reservations” on the Office of Graduate Studies website.

Thesis and Dissertation Part I
Jump start your thesis or dissertation! This workshop will discuss the complete process – from selecting a topic and mentor to tips for writing and time management. Special emphasis will be given to discipline specific expectations.

Tuesday, June 2, 4-6:00pm
Room B20 Library
closed. workshop full

Thesis and Dissertation Part II
Learn the Graduate School requirements for formatting and submitting your document electronically. You may bring a section of your thesis or dissertation if you have specific formatting questions.

Thursday, June 18, 4-6:00pm
Ransom Hall 311B
Saturday, June 20, 9-11:00am
Ransom Hall 311 A & B

Word for Theses and Dissertations
Don’t let Microsoft Word make writing your dissertation any harder than it already is! In this workshop, you will learn advanced features in Word 2007 used to write longer documents.

Thursday, July 16, 4-6:00pm
Ransom Hall 312
Saturday, July 18, 9-11:00am
Ransom Hall 211 A