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A Foolproof Grant Template

In Dr. Karen Kelsky’s Foolproof Grant Template from The Professor Is In (a great blog so check it out!), the outline is as straight forward as you are going to get.  I have read several of the instruction manuals for applying to NSF along with humanities grants, and while very VERY helpful, they are also very VERY long.  Not exactly documents you can start with at the beginning of your brainstorming session.

In additional posts, Dr. Kelsky also addresses several common errors including using the words “I need to…” as in “I need to fill this research gap” rather than describing in plain, formal language how you can (and will!) fill the gap.  Also, do NOT sign the document like a letter – it isn’t a letter!

Be sure to emphasize why you are applying in the first place.  Some helpful language:

“However, none of these works have addressed the central question of ___________.”

“This should be YOUR view of what is most essential to an accurate understanding of the big topic, but which  has never to date been studied by anyone else.”

If you are going to be asking for the big bucks, be sure to address the point of it all, the reason you should get the money, and why this research needs to be done.  Some more helpful language:

“I expect this research to contribute to debates on _______ and play an important role in________.”

Check out the post on the template from The Professor Is In.  Perhaps you can get a grant – and you should at least give the application process a try if the opportunity and funds are available.

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What’s Coming Up – Events to Know About

Tuesday, February 26th 2013
Word for Dissertations & Theses
Learn the advanced features in Word 2007 typically used to write longer documents; meet the Graduate School’s formatting requirements in less time, with less stress.
6:00pm–8:00pm Library, Room 315 A

Thursday, February 28th 2013
Graduation Workshop
Get important dates and deadlines you need to meet in your final term.  Q&A after.
2:00pm–3:00pm Davis Hall, Room B17

Register online!

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Graduation Workshop!

Tuesday, January 29th 2013 there will be  GRADUATION WORKSHOP.

At this session you will be informed of all the important dates and deadlines you need to follow in your final term, how to apply for graduation to be awarded your degree, and the difference between graduation and the commencement ceremonies.  Don’t let this slip! You need to know correct info on:

  • mechanical checks

  • submission checklists

  • fees and late charges

  • who’s signature belongs where and on what forms

  • reserving a defense date with the OGS

  • requests for in absentia graduation

Register online through the EDGE website.

Davis Hall
, Room B17
Contact: Oschuwa Coleman

New Formatting Standards for Theses and Dissertations

The Office of Graduate Studies has revised the formatting standards for theses and dissertations.

Students may choose to use either the current or the new formatting standards for fall 2012 and spring 2013.  Only documents meeting the new standards will be accepted beginning in summer 2013. If you think there is even a small chance that you may need the summer term or an additional semester to complete you paper it is important that you use the NEW template.

The Office of Graduate Studies and the Central Library have created the new guidelines, along with a new template, to address the more challenging aspects of the current requirements, e.g., the insertion of 2-inch margins on new sections.

Please note: thesis and dissertation documents must be written in the proper format in order to be accepted by the Office of Graduate Studies.

New Template Guidelines

Graduation Checklist and Downloadable documents

UT Arlington’s requirements ensure that all thesis/dissertation documents have a uniform appearance and are suitable for archiving. While we are sensitive to the fact that disciplines have their own guidelines, our requirements mainly follow the guidelines provided in Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th edition.

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NCAA Research Grant

NCAA Research Committee
2010 Graduate Student Research Grant Program
Call for Proposals

The NCAA Research Committee is pleased to announce the 2010 NCAA Graduate Student Research Grant Program. The program’s goals are: (1) to stimulate research on college athletics; (2) to foster contributions to the empirical research on college athletics; (3) to provide financial support to graduate students interested in engaging in high-quality research related to college athletics, and (4) to assist NCAA-member colleges and universities and the general public in gaining access to new and outstanding research and researchers in this field.

The NCAA Research Committee consists of athletics administrators and faculty who collaborate with NCAA research department staff to produce high-quality research on issues related to college athletics. This research is seen by member colleges and universities as crucial to facilitating an environment of informed decision making on matters of NCAA policy and procedure. By encouraging new researchers, the Research Committee hopes to widen and strengthen the interest in and quality of research directly relevant to student-athlete well-being and college athletics participation.

Volunteer Leaders Application

Volunteer Leaders’ Scholarships

The Office of Student Governance and Organizations offers scholarships to recognize and reward competent and reliable student leaders involved in Constituency Councils, Ambassadors, FLOC, the Graduate Student Senate, and Student Congress. Up to twelve scholarships across two levels may be awarded annually (6 per fall/spring semester). All applicants must be in good standing with the university and have completed at least one semester of involvement in the level for which they are applying. Please be aware if you apply for more than one level, you will only be awarded one scholarship if you are a recipient. Because this is scholarship money to be applied to your next semester, graduating seniors* or students transferring to another school are not eligible.

To apply: Complete a Volunteer Leaders’ Scholarship Application form and submit to Student Governance and Organizations (Lower Level, University Center, Box 19350, Arlington, Tx 76019 / Phone 817-272-2293, FAX 817-272-7352).
Spring Deadline: December 16, 2009

Two levels (Level I: 3 at $150, Level II: 3 at $200) to be applied in the upcoming semester. This may be applied for in the fall or spring semester. It will be applied to tuition and fees.

Level I:
Members of Ambassadors, Constituency Councils, Student Congress, FLOC, and the Graduate Student Senate.
Level II:
Ambassador Secretary, Committee Chairs (Student Congress,
Constituency Councils, Ambassadors, FLOC, the Graduate Student
Senate), and members of the UTA-HOSTS! Leadership Team.

Criteria:Volunteer Leaders Application
Applicants should exhibit skills including but not limited to the
areas of: 1) willingness to participate in a variety of activities,
2) reliability and dependability, and 3) potential for growth in a
CC/FLOC/Ambassador/SC/GSS leadership position, and 4) exceeding
expectations for their position.

Applicants for Level II should exhibit leadership skills including but not limited to the areas of:
1) organizational skills, 2) ability to delegate, 3) motivation skills, and 4) initiative.
*Graduating seniors who are continuing on to Graduate School are eligible.Volunteer Leaders Application

Volunteer Leaders Application

Summer Workshops Announced

Reserve your seat today – select “reservations” on the Office of Graduate Studies website.

Thesis and Dissertation Part I
Jump start your thesis or dissertation! This workshop will discuss the complete process – from selecting a topic and mentor to tips for writing and time management. Special emphasis will be given to discipline specific expectations.

Tuesday, June 2, 4-6:00pm
Room B20 Library
closed. workshop full

Thesis and Dissertation Part II
Learn the Graduate School requirements for formatting and submitting your document electronically. You may bring a section of your thesis or dissertation if you have specific formatting questions.

Thursday, June 18, 4-6:00pm
Ransom Hall 311B
Saturday, June 20, 9-11:00am
Ransom Hall 311 A & B

Word for Theses and Dissertations
Don’t let Microsoft Word make writing your dissertation any harder than it already is! In this workshop, you will learn advanced features in Word 2007 used to write longer documents.

Thursday, July 16, 4-6:00pm
Ransom Hall 312
Saturday, July 18, 9-11:00am
Ransom Hall 211 A