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Doctoral Student Progress Report Online

Please log in and complete DS PRO AS SOON AS YOU CAN!  The deadline (TBA) is fast approaching!!

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Set goals for this year and make sure you are set to register for spring.  These annual goals ensure you stay on track (a “reasonable” one) and that you are setting goals that will help you graduate on time.  Further, DS PRO is a great way voice (and document) what you want personally, academically, and professionally out of a Ph.D program.  And, on that note…you sort of have to do it because it is mandatory.  So… thank you?

Yes. THANK YOU! :)


DS-PRO Open for New Goals

Doctoral Student Progress Report Online (DS-PRO) is unrolling Mark II, a BRAND NEW version of the on-line tool that allows doctoral students and professors at UT Arlington to collaboratively set, monitor, and report on their progress toward goals.  Some functions will be slightly different.  The system prompts you with instructions each time you log in – no training necessary!!

This system is important for students and advisors alike!  DS-PRO lets you improve accountability on all fronts and track your progress so there is a record of your performance.  This is VERY VALUABLE for things like: applying for fellowships and GTA/GRA positions, getting extra time for papers,and getting approval on petitions.  Log in to DS-Pro and set new goals!  Read an overview of the new DS-PRO Mark II for more information!

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