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What I Discovered in this Article

The Chronicle’s article (March 2013) entitled, Ph.D’s Spend Big Bucks Hunting for Academic Jobs, With No Guaranteed Results is very interesting.  What did I learn?

1. Long Titles are no good.

2. How can someone rack up  $100,000 in school debt while working AND publishing a chapter in a book?

But most importantly…

3. Whoever the unemployed graduate is that created Interfolio is a GENIUS!

I read so many articles on the difficulty of finding tenure-track positions, the job market slump, the rising cost of education, and the overall economic instability of the American workforce, that the topics are now dull (and depressing).  The words blur together and my mind starts to wonder – who has a good job? Well, I have a pretty good job.  The guy writing the article may have a good job.  The guy IN the article may have a good job at this point, after all the strife.  But really, its the employes of the SERVICES that are referenced in the article that have the good life.  They took a look at their situation, saw others in it, and developed a solution.  Mind blowing, right?

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Quality Career Advice: “Think About It”

What new Ph.D.s need to do to survive, Long said, is to think about…

1. Analogies: how do their skills fit in other parts of the academy?
2. Resilience: preparing for a long haul
3. Entrepreneurship: thinking of jobs that don’t currently exist

- Strategic Job Hunting from Inside Higher Ed

In other words… there doesn’t have to be a job posting for you to get a job, and that job doesn’t absolutely have to be a teaching job to be of the academic nature. DO NOT SETTLE.  Traditional pathways are not the only pathways and most take too much time before promotion and career progression resulting in a miserable 40 hours+ work week.  There are so many wonderful positions that require research, creativity, intuition, knowledge and practice of the scientific method, and BRAINS that volunteering to wear one-track career blinders is borderline insane.

The “anything but tenure track is failure” model is no longer accurate.  So – give it up.  Put it away. Start looking towards what exactly you want to do, based on internal values, goals, and desires unique to you and NOT based on outdated interpretations of stature and success.  Meet with a career counselor, attend edge programs, or email me (  Take, at the least, a minimum amount of time to discover career possibilities.

Separate the expected from the truly valued.

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