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New Year’s In the U.S.A.

Lets set some resolutions shall we?  I read a GREAT comment posted below an article about the first year of grad school.  After all the advice and the references to citation software, getting “involved” in a program, knowing your advisors and their expectations, BLAH BLAH, there is a comment.  This comment rises high above the rest, described by its author (Packard27) as an overarching suggestion for people rowing the boat that is graduate school.

“You can print [this] out and stick it on both your morning mirror and  your PC/Laptop/etc once you begin to write your dissertation: ‘YOUR SINGULAR & ONLY MISSION IS TO GRADUATE.’”

To all the MavGrads out there, this is an easy New Year’s resolution.  It should take only a few moments of your time, a little tape, and some self-control (i.e. when you get your first draft back, don’t go ripping these notes into tiny little pieces, laughing hysterically, terrifying your five cats).

1. Print out several signs with the language indicated above.
2. Tape them all around the house (Yes, on your gaming console’s CONTROLLER)
3. Sit back and let your plea to the universe be heard.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!  Keep your eye on the prize and get that diploma!  One day you’ll be freeeeeeee!

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Make New Year’s Goals- NOT Resolutions

Eliana Osborn, for the Chronicle of Higher Education (Jan. 2013), has set just a few resolutions for the upcoming year.  While many of my friends and colleagues either refuse to set “resolutions” or repeatedly focus on health/weight/beauty or financial issues, I am going to suggest a different approach for this year- a “Goal” approach.  Osborn has it right on the money with her list of academic resolutions:

-Read more in my discipline.
-Engage with colleagues.
-Hold firm on the guidelines you set [for both others and yourself].

So… if doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is insanity, then I know a LOT of insane people.  Stop setting ridiculous, unachievable, and probably vague resolutions year after year.  Take a different approach to moving forward with your professional and personal life in 2013 and set some very real, very quantitative goals.

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