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Vitae- a New Service from The Chronicle of Higher Ed

This is a brand new – just started – sort of sparse – get in at the ground level kind of thing.  The website, as of right now, is more of a mailing list.  However, as per the usual, The Chronicle has packed it with helpful information regarding job search and professional networking.  Example:

The Academic Conference: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

Woooot!  Excellent information in the article linked above, including the suggestion to NOT BE CLINGY!  Get out there and meet people.  I know the temptation to just follow around a single person or stick with people you know.  Don’t do that!  A second strategy is to prepare to have conversations about hot topics in your field and not just the weather or your personal research.  Practice short, intelligent (and well-researched) responses to major and new issues.

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Genius? Ingenious? I admit I had to look it up.

Even the best of us get mixed up every once and a while.  FYI – Genius is a noun.  Ingenious is an adjective.  Did you already know this?  If so, then bravo.  If not, thank you for not lying like those other people.

The point is – communicating with another human being is difficult.

The application is – when you promote your research in the hopes of finding career and research opportunities, not everyone is going to get it.

The fix is – practice.

Yes, the “30-second commercial” or the “elevator speech” sounds cheesy.  It is not my fault that an awesome and VITAL method of communicating with others has names like that.  If it were up to me, I would call it, “A Hitch-Hikers Guide to Preventing People from Avoiding You in the Hall.”

Business week has an excellent article about the important aspects this as a marketing tool and the functions it serves in effective networking.

However, if you really, really want your MIND BLOWN then visit the Harvard Business School’s Elevator Pitch Builder.

In most cases, your research probably won’t sell itself.

……unless your research resulted in a clone of Mr. Baby and your target demographic is people who don’t care about science.

Then you’re golden.

"Don't Call me baby, call me Mr. Baby"

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