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ON-TRAC Prepares Grads to Teach

In a recent commentary in The Chronicle (Nov. 2013), Derek Bok opines that a “most glaring defect of our graduate programs…is how little they do to prepare their students to teach.”  Bok throws out scary numbers; 40% of doctorates fail to earn degrees in TEN YEARS and states that some advisors go as far as to tell a graduate student NOT to focus on teaching duties less it take away from research.


UT Arlington is a member of the CIRTL Network – a network that spans the country and involves over 20 schools’ resources to improve STEM teaching skills in graduate students.  The program at UT Arlington is appropriately named “Organizational Network for Teaching as Research Advancement and Collaboration,” but fondly called ON-TRAC (so we at least avoid people referring to it as that teaching thing).ON-TRAC now hosts bi-weekly, community meetings and online seminars.  It is a great time to get involved.  Download an informational CIRTL ON-TRAC Flyer and find out more! Contact to get on the events listserv.

Teaching-as-research can take your academic career to a competitive level.

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Brought to you by the Office of Graduate Studies…

All of these workshops are happening on Wednesday, March 6th!

ACES: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Oral and Poster Presentations
Nedderman Hall Room 100

ON-TRAC Learning Community Meeting
Nedderman Hall Room 110
12:00 – 1:00 p.m.: Information Meeting and Q&A Sessions – Brown Bag Series! (So bring your lunch.)

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Workshop
College Hall Room 101
6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Beyond Compliance: Re-Examining Professional Ethics in the Workplace

Graduate Student Senate Meeting
Student Chambers – UC Lower Level
5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Business as per the usual – RCR attendees, please let the board know you will need to leave the GSS meeting EARLY – they are aware of the scheduling!

Register for these workshops ONLINE! Now, through EDGE:

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Center for the Integration for Research, Teaching and Learning – ONLINE COFFEE HOUR!

Developing a work-life balance for sustaining a productive career and your sanity.

Brew of cup of java and attend the CIRTL online coffee hour on Feb. 27th from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (register and attend through the link above).  You’ll need headphones and a mic if you would like to share – or just log on and listen to the chat if you want to know more about the subject but aren’t ready to contribute.   This session will be hosted by Rique Campa, Professor of Ecology  and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Michigan State.  Dr. Campa will also be blogging daily (and has been doing so since Feb. 11) on this topic, including how he organizes his day and why he does it.

Coffee hours are held regularly so check back on the site to see upcoming topics.

HEADS UP! Attending these online coffee hours are part of a certification program for STEM Ph.D.’s here at UTA called ON-TRAC.  There are currently three levels of achievement and because this program is teaching focused – it is a GREAT resume builder.  Interested?  Get more info at an ON-TRAC informational meeting on March 6th at noon.  Email for details.

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