Massive Open Online Courses - most of which are free – are taking the internet by storm.  (sounds like MMOG, no?)

According to The Chronicle – April, 2013, right now the main issues are -

  1. The course crashing
  2. Stigma against online content
  3. Affected quality by increasing educations quantity

Why take em’?

  1. Cheap- sometimes free
  2. Available anytime from your home computer
  3. Easily accessible for non-traditional students

Major players include National Science Foundation (no-brainer), Mozilla (nice!), Harvard, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Cal Tech, UT Austin (Go UT System!), Google, and the loved (but also hated by test-takers alike) Pearson.

The aggregator of my choice is edX – free classes from leading universities are all packaged nicely via subject, so I can avoid anything computer programming related and skip straight to artificial intelligence and quantitative methods in public health sections.  All of the classes aren’t currently running, but many are open for self-paced study.

The top ten sites for MOOCs according to BDPA include UC Berkeley Free Courses and Standford Free Courses.

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