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The Ph.D. Makes a Grand Comeback

Reputation.Com, headed by CEO Michael Fertik, examined common doctoral degrees and found that persons who hold them have seen their careers accelerate by more than 10% on average in terms of compensation (sadly, with the exception of the humanities and education). This research is discussed in a recent Linked In article by Fertik himself.

According to Fertik, the hard sciences, such as chemistry and physics, along with doctoral degrees in fields such as marketing and economics, all make the cut.  These degrees typically lead to higher wages and a greater increase in wages over time.

Granted – nothing is life is for certain, but as of now, the Ph.D. seems like it has made a comeback.

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The Professor Gets Serious on Ph.D Planning

I recently discovered a new blog entitled, “The Professor is In.”  My advice – read it.  But…make sure you’re sitting down when you start to read. 

Firstly, The Professor is realistic.  Secondly,  The Professor is pretty much all-knowing when it comes to things Ph.D. and academia oriented  (including the part where you graduate and get a job).  Please note that I realize it isn’t an easy task to achieve your biggest and bravest goals, but neither is writing a dissertation or finding a cure for cancer.  Plus, you’re probably used to feeling over-stressed, overhwhelmed, and anxiety ridden at this point, so it is with great pleasure (in a helpful, but slightly evil sort of way) that I introduce you to The Professor.

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