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Negotiating a Postdoc Position

Tuesday, April 30th 2013 – 6 p.m central! ONLINE!

Join a webinar hosted by the Institute for Broadening Participation on Tuesday, April 30th at 6 p/m/ CENTRAL (7 p.m. Eastern time). An experienced panel (both current postdocs and faculty members) will share their perspectives on this topic, followed by a Question & Answer period. Preregistration is requested! Simply sign up for the event below, through EDGE and we’ll send you the information you need.

You can submit questions before the webinar, online at:

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Post-Doc Season has Arrived

The Institute for Broadening Participation (supported by NSF and NASA) has just started gearing gearing up for their annual reminder to students and mentors about upcoming post-doctoral openings.  Search em’ and see what you find.  Check back often because institutions are still in the process of submitting new openings to IBP.

The early bird gets the funding!

IBP is dedicated to helping students successfully pursue careers in the sciences– particularly underrepresented students.

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Start Lookin’ Now Folks!

As someone who has spent a large amount of time studying career theory, one piece of uber-advice I will share with you is to get to know your job market.  In fact, ask it on a date, take it to a nice Italian dinner, and then not call it (Anchor Man reference).

“How can I do that?” you ask.  Visit a few of the sites below.  Type in key words from your field.  It is your responsibility to read job specs, know the qualifications most universities require, and then blow those requirements to smithereens with your awesomeness.

Inside Higer Ed.

Higher Ed Jobs 

Humanities and Social Sciences Net

Edu Cause

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Webinar: Presidential Management Fellows Application Process

Attend a webinar that gives you the inside scoop on landing a prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship.  The fellowship is open to any graduate student who plans to graduate in the 2012-13 academic year. 

New fellows and agency PMF recruiters will discuss the makings of a strong application and finally you will know what happens after you upload you application into cyberpace! Free. Tues. Oct 16, 2012. 3-4 p.m., Room 140, Business Building. For more info, please visit the Career Center Blog.

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