“BadUSB” Exploit

There is a new exploit that has hit the internet called BadUSB that poses a Security threat based on USB devices.  Instructions and applications to create infected USB devices are available on the internet.  The exploit allows installation into the USB’s firmware where it is run automatically when plugged into a computer system.  The firmware [...]

Shellshock – Bash Vulnerability

A serious bug in Bash was discovered last week. According to multiple sources this bug has been in Bash since 1992. Shellshock allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code in Bash by setting specific environment variables. Two CVE numbers have been assigned: CVE-2014-6271and CVE-2014-7169.
If you aren’t a Linux user you may not be familiar [...]

Crypto-malware Ransomware Advisory Alert

Over the past few months, UT Arlington has fallen victim to Crypto-malware. In the two instances we’ve handled, documents in department K: drives were encrypted. We have recently received a notice from the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Office of the CISO alerting us to several ransomware infections within the state.  The infections include [...]

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Google Chrome that could result in an attacker gaining control of your computer.
These vulnerabilities can be exploited if a user visits, or is redirected to, a specially crafted web page. Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could result in an attacker gaining the same privileges as the affected application. The [...]

New Internet Explorer Vulnerability (CVE-2014-1776)

A vulnerability has been reported affecting all versions of Internet Explorer. This previously unknown vulnerability could allow an attacker to gain control of your computer.
Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could result in an attacker gaining the same privileges as the logged on user, allowing an attacker to install programs; view, change, or delete data; or [...]