Monthly Archive for December, 2007

New benchmark for energy conservation

A new law just signed by Pres. Bush creates an important benchmark for universities’ energy conservation initiatives. One of the provisions of the Energy Independence and Security Act is a commitment to dramatically reduce the amount of energy consumed by federal buildings. Section 433 states that:

buildings shall be designed so that the fossil fuel-generated energy consumption of the buildings is reduced, as compared with such energy consumption by a similar building in fiscal year 2003 (as measured by Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey or Residential Energy Consumption Survey data from the Energy Information Agency), by the percentage specified in the following table:


Fiscal Year Percentage Reduction

2010 55

2015 65

2020 80

2025 90

2030 100

Indiana University report on campus sustainability

The Indiana University Task Force on Campus Sustainability has released the Campus Sustainability Report, a collective work of more than 100 IU faculty, staff, and students who have been engaged, over the past six months, in developing a sustainability plan for the IU-Bloomington campus.

The Sustainability Task Force, convened in March 2007 by Vice President Terry Clapacs, was charged with assessing the current state of sustainability of the IUB campus, developing a set of campus sustainability indicators, identifying key areas of concern, and establishing a framework for a long-term sustainability plan.

This report is the product of that six-month effort. It represents an ambitious plan for addressing broad issues of campus sustainability, including academic initiatives, campus energy use, environmental quality and land use, resource use and recycling, transportation, food, and the built environment.

122 pages (4.1mb); available online as a PDF document through the resource link below.