Recycling styrofoam in DFW

The big styrofoam blocks which are used for packing really can collect in volume, but fortunately are clean and able to be recycled. DO NOT include food service styrofoam or pellets. Have people collect the blocks in as big a plastic bags as they can find. Then take the bags to Foam Fabricators, 11650 Emerald, 1 block west of 1-35 E/Stemmons and 3 blocks
north of Royal on the east side of the street, during usual business hours.
Park in the side parking lot, walk up the ramp and head for the back right
corner of the huge room. Pellets are frequently made of cornstarch now, so shouldn’t be mixed in
with styrofoam recycling. Instead, take them to any Mail Boxes Etc.; look in the
telephone book for a location near you. Also contact:

Metro Styrofoam
1628 Terre Colony Ct
Dallas, TX 75212
(214) 231-3626

Thanks to UTA retiree John Dycus and other Arlington Conservation Council members for this information.

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  • where do i recycle styrofoam (cups, food containers, pellets)?

  • Your styrofoam cups and food containers are contaiminated so the only place they can go is in the trash. Pellets can be taken to any of the Mail Boxes, etc. or any of the packaging places that are around the metroplex.

  • Thanks so much for the tip! A friend just asked me where she could take her “recyclable” styrofoam (it has the symbol and number on it) because it’s not accepted by City of Dallas recycling program. When I googled, this blog came up. So helpful! Thank you!

  • I just called the UPS store in Irving and they are more than happy to take my companies Styrofoam. We get so many shipments and try to recycle all the packaging that comes with it, but this has been the hardest to get rid of. You can also put an ad out on, you’d be surprised how fast people will reply! Last time I listed our packing peanuts I had three replies in ten minutes!

  • I’m glad to see your suggestion about using Craigslist for this kind of thing. Another good option is I never have a problem giving away stuff (e.g., soil, furniture) with Freecycle, and usually wind up giving it to somebody in my own neighborhood, so minimal fuel is involved in the transaction.

  • It appears that Metro Styrofoam is no longer in business. Their website is down and the phone number is disconnected.

  • I am working with a business to recycle Styrofoam plates, cups and trays. We are going to be targeting schools in the state of Texas. If you are interested in having one at your school feel free to email and i can have someone cotact your school in the next few weeks.

    FYI…this product is not only for schools but for any place styrofoam is being used.

  • I’m needing clean styrofoam dishes, egg cartons, etc. I’m building a model house out of the building blocks

    I can get free recyclable plastic from the recycling centers. But what I want to use is the stuff that isn’t usually accepted by curbside recycling.

    I’m also looking for film plastics (grocery bags)

    So if you have some of that stuff around and it is clean (the public will be handling this making blocks) I will arrange picking it up. I need about three hundred large garbage bags worth.

    thank you 972 442 3987

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