Going Trayless=Going Green

As many of you may have noticed, Dining Services is no longer using trays in Connection Café. This is to reduce food, water and chemical waste. Together, without trays, we can save more than 11,500 lbs. of food waste in just one semester.

This can be determined by using a national average of 1.5 oz. per student per meal saved, which was published in a white paper from ARAMARK Higher Education.

Going tray-less on college campuses is a trend emerging all over the U.S. This is a huge step amongst many efforts to reduce UT Arlington’s carbon footprint. Look for more Green initiatives like this in support of the President’s Sustainability Committee.

Aramark white paper

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  • Thanks for the note, Sharon. From what I’ve seen at the Connection Cafe, the trayless system seems to work very well, and the employees I’ve spoken to say there have no significant problems.

    I noticed last week that the take-out containers are now biodegradable. Can you give us some details on that as well?

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