Springtime is time to ‘Step-Up’!

Hello friends,

How are you? Spring Break is over.. but spring-time has just begun… it is time for ideas, action and challenges. The Environmental Society at UTA calls for volunteers to participate in a campus-wide student initiative: Project ‘Step-Up’.

Keeping in tune with the efforts of the President’s Sustainability Committee, this project is aimed at three parallel benefits obtained by choosing the stairs over the elevator: getting fit with every step we take, reducing electricity costs for UTA (and thus saving money for students, staff and faculty), and reducing carbon footprint of the university. So, let us take one step, upwards and ahead, towards making our campus more sustainable.

In Project ‘Step-Up’, volunteers will identify a group of buildings with high elevator traffic, determine the average electricity consumption due to the elevators and compute carbon dioxide emissions corresponding to that level. The team will also compute the number of calories spent per an equivalent trip on the stairs for the average person.

The team will then design promotional material comprising results from these calculations, appealing to everyone on campus (including visitors) to choose the stairs over the elevators, whenever possible. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to have fun getting fit easily, conserving the resources of our Earth, and adapting to a changing economy by making smart lifestyle choices as individuals, as teams, as a university, and as a nation.

[All comments, ideas, suggestions and criticism welcome at vallurivin@gmail.com ]

Vinodh Valluri

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