How to make rain barrels

I recently did a public presentation on rain barrels at an environmental education event sponsored by North Richland Hills.


Instructions (revised 5/31/09)

Parts list (revised 5/31/09)

Here’s a video of an alternative design that is simpler. I like the design except that I find the overflow a bit obtrusive without the elbow.

And a video of a third design. Few details given, but the overall picture is instructive.

3 Responses to “How to make rain barrels”

  • Thanks for the posting.

    How did the event go? Did you get blown away by the wind?
    I was at the Southlake Green Day Event and people were flopping all over the place. It was cold too.

  • It was good fun. A surprisingly good turnout, I thought. A great local band played much of the time. Quite a few people seemed keenly interested in setting up rain barrels. But, yes, extremely windy and a bit nippy. I had to put a sandbag in my barrel to keep it from blowing over.

  • I would very much like feedback from people who have used the instructions and parts list. What’s not clear? What doesn’t work well?

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