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Environmental & Sustainability Studies minor to be launched in Fall 2010

The university’s expanding sustainability curriculum reached a milestone April 13 when the Undergraduate Assembly approved a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ESST). The program’s curriculum will involve courses and faculty members from across the campus. It will be administered by the School of Urban and Public Affairs in collaboration with the University Sustainability Committee’s Curriculum, Research, and Community Engagement Working Group, which developed the proposal for the minor in 2009. The minor will be launched in the Fall semester.

From the catalog description of the new program (not yet available on-line):

The study of the environment and sustainability is fundamentally an interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary enterprise that requires innovative connections between academic fields. The minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies enables students to take advantage of the many courses in sustainability and the environment offered throughout the university while developing a systematic, cohesive understanding of sustainability and the environment.

With the permission of their departmental advisor, students enroll in 18 hours selected from the courses listed … (and others upon approval).[SEE PROPOSAL TEXT FOR LIST OF COURSES] Students are required to take one core course, ESST 2300: Introduction to Environmental Studies, which introduces topics and methods in interdisciplinary studies of sustainability and the environment. This course should be taken in the freshman or sophomore year. At least one course must be taken in each of the three groups listed (Architecture and Urban and Public Affairs; Liberal Arts, Social and Cultural Studies; Natural Sciences and Engineering). At least 6 hours must be taken as 3000- or 4000-level courses.

Students are expected to be able to combine the18-credit-hour ESST minor with any major, and in some cases coursework already completed will qualify for credit. The working group expects the minor to be particularly appealing to students majoring in the sciences (especially Environmental Science), liberal arts, architecture, business, and interdisciplinary studies.

Students interested in minoring in ESST should contact academic advisor Denise Longgrear, 817-272-0416. Registration for the minor is expected to begin in late summer or early fall.

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