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Sustainability Job Opportunity with AASHE – Lexington, KY

Hi Friends,

AASHE [Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education] seeks a resource center program assistant. We welcome recent (and not so recent) graduates with on campus sustainability experience. Full description and application information is available here –

Any help spreading the word is appreciated!


Vin Valluri

Spring course list for Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Here’s the list of courses approved for the Environmental & Sustainability Studies minor for Spring 2011. For section numbers, see the ESS web page.

Core Course
ESST 2300 Introduction to Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Group 1 — Liberal Arts, Social and Cultural Studies
ENGL 1302 Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing II – “Writing Argument, Thinking Green”
ENGL 2329 American Literature – “Masculinity and the Environment”
SOCI 3324 Social Movements
Group 2 — Natural Sciences and Engineering
BIOL 2343 Evolution & Ecology
BIOL 3356 Environmental Systems – Biological Aspects
BIOL 3357 Marine Biology
CHEM 1446 Chemistry II for Nonscience Majors
GEOL 1430 Global Warming
GEOL 2406 Natural Resources and Sustainability
Group 3 — Architecture and Urban and Public Affairs
ARCH 3331
Architecture and Environment
INTS 4388 Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies: “Justice, Democracy and Metropolitan Environments”

For more info, see the ESS web page.

Alternative Spring Break

UTA Volunteers is planning its alternative spring break trips for March 13-18, 2011. Alternative Spring Break is an opportunity for students to travel to different areas and experience, discuss, and serve as volunteers for large social issues such as sustainability, education, and disaster relief.

We will be hosting information meetings at the following times and locations:

November 22, 11:00 a.m.-noon,  Rio Grande B, University Center

November 22, noon-1:00 p.m., Rio Grande B, University Center

These information meetings will discuss in depth our two scheduled trips.  This year UTA Volunteers has planned trips in Niceville, Florida, to aid in Gulf Coast restoration and New Orleans, Louisiana to volunteer with local Head Start and after school programs for children. Interested students will also pick up applications to attend the program and serve as a site leader.

Gulf Coast restoration — Niceville, Florida — Community Collaborations International is partnering with the Florida Department of Environmental protection, the EPA and local environmental groups to complete ecological restoration projects near Emerald Coast beaches and surrounding areas. Volunteers will assist with salt marsh, seagrass, coastal dune, oyster reef, and shoreline restoration, along with related human service projects working with families who are suffering from hardships caused by the loss of seasonal tourism and fishing jobs. These projects are designed to build an understanding of coastal ecosystems and watersheds and how they are affected by manmade and natural disasters.

Katrina’s Kids — New Orleans — The Katrina’s Kids project brings volunteers to disaster-affected communities and works with schools, Head Start programs, and after-school programs. Some kids and their families who were displaced by hurricane Katrina still suffer from inadequate housing and are experiencing mental issues such as depression and anxiety. Volunteers will work with Louisiana Outdoor Outreach Program to help implement age- appropriate outdoor education and hands-on learning activities, serve as reading tutors, and assist with other student-centered cooperative learning activities.

After the information session, applications to participate in either of the trips will be available in the Student Activities office, lower level of the University Center.  The due date is December 10.

For more info, contact:

Veronica Rendon, Graduate Assistant, Student Activities