Congratulations to Steven Nunez

Environmental and Sustainability Studies minor Steven Nunez, an Architecture Major, has been named a McNair Scholar.  Congratulations, Steven!

McNair Scholars Program

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  • Thank you very much Dr. Howard! I feel honored to have been accepted into the McNair Scholar Program and I am very excited about having the opportunity to conduct research this summer.

  • What will your research project be?

  • I haven’t completely decided, but I am leaning towards focusing my research on water management throughout the UTA campus. Praticularly focusing on addressing the water run-off problem that occurs when it rains on campus. Also, another idea is to study the roof drainange system of a couple of buildings on campus and ultimately propose a design that will modify the existing systems and allow for the collection of rain water for future use. Any ideas?

  • Great idea, Steven. You’re aware of David Hopman’s work on drainage? And you’re aware of the rainwater capture system at the new Engineering Research Building? The volume of water readily available is, of course, staggering. The big issue is storage. I’d love to see you do some creative work on this.

  • Congrats Steven! Policy and practices are as good as technological planning, as far as water saving measures are concerned… If you ever write a report, please make sure you make a recommendation to keep lawn sprinklers off during thunderstorms… :)

  • Congratulations Steven, well done!
    It is an honor indeed. I mean no disrespect and I hope the next question does not “steal your thunder” as my intent is not to steal the thread and I hope this is acceptable behavior.

    Dr. Howard, if I may, Is Mr. Hopman’s work on drainage available in print? Or is there a blog to follow perhaps?

    Harry James Harper

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